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Arnav and Khushi: Back to Square One!

Arnav and Khushi: Back to Square One

So back to square one are we? A show that promised clash in ideologies, thoughts and emotions has stuck to its guns, and has shown us how people in life real life don't change over night and no matter what happens, your truest form comes out only during the worst!

Arnav was never for marriages because he never saw anything like a concrete marriage in front of him. His father died before he was born, his mother killed herself because of the father according to him. His Nani and Dadi were widowed, his mamaji got married to a maid which again created a stir in the household and his chachaji who had the power to snatch away what was rightfully his! The only man he knew to be loyal all this while gave the biggest blow in the face of the family by cheating someone who was the dearest to him, with the woman who was beginning to become his world!

Arnav Raizada marries Khushi Kumari Gupta 114So now it all clears up, when you sit down to wonder why Arnav never believed in marriages. He was always independant and self made and in his dictionary marriage meant a set of meaningless rituals that people followed in the name of god-whom he anyway didnt believe in, society- that he didn't care about and love- which he perhaps never got to understand and experience until much later!
ASR learnt and defined love for himself in his own time and in his own way, and while he gathered all of this knowledge, he also felt he perhaps may not have been wrong in believing what he dis in the first place!

He still went to a dargah because his sister had made a wish, he set some pigeons free because that helped a girl fulfill her wishes and he rocked kanha's cradle last night because his wife believed in the ritual. He did it for the people who mattered to him!

Unfortunately however for ASR, the recipient of his love didnt seem to agree with his nature of exhibition. A simple small town girl to whom attending weddings as a child meant becoming a bride herself some day, distributing sweets at gathering meant good wishes from not just family but other well wishers as well ... Society did go on the define what she saw the world as. Don't forget this is the same girl who was so worried about her sister's marriage being broken that she herself went out of her way to set things right!

To Khushi, every ritual meant a moral, a story, a logic and hence the right thing to do. Even when she would impart lessons to Lavanya Khushi would always give her the logic and the reason behind why a certain thing is a way it is and she eventually hence managed to convince an ultra-modern La into a girl who developed empathy and understanding towards rituals that held utmost importance to the Raizada Family! Arnav and Khushi didnt have a normal marriage, but living under the same roof made them realise they cannot live without one another an hence are meant to be. Today however, the question of rituals vs self beliefs has cropped up once again where Khushi poses questions to ASR and tells him how their marriage would not be valid until they finish all the rituals.

If you look at it from Khushi's angle it is her only way of holding onto the marriage in the rightful manner as she was bound to him by a contract of 6 months. It was not a marriage according to her from day one, though she never failed to follow the duties of a wife ever. Today she knows deep down in her heart that Arnav does love her, but she needed confirmation of the same.

ArshiArnav on the other hand believes actions are more important than beliefs. He has made up his mind that he loves Khushi and he has been trying to show that to her in innumerable ways to the best of his ability. He enjoys teasing her and getting her reactions on him suggesting proximity, but at the same time he also on his part knows no better way of telling her he will not let her go either. He is deeply angered when he senses rituals hold greater significance in her life than his feelings for her. Again, ASR doesnt like to be challenged. How can he be second to anything ? That's why he tries to brutally control that as well, but when she questions the very foundation of his actions, he blurts out the truth in a fit of anger and walks off from there without waiting for her reaction, as she has again rubbed him on the wrong side!

Now that the confession has happened, and he has told her what he feels for her, it will be interesting to see how Khushi will react. Most importantly I am more interested in knowing what Arnavs reaction to Khushi now will be since he is super mad at her for pushing him to do this!

Aptly as the song suggested "woh toh anjaan thi, yu bhi hoga kabhi... pyaar barsega yooh toot ke".... and for him its always been "bas ye ikraar hai, bas yehi pyaar hai, baaki bandhan hai sab jhoot ke"!!! Arnav loves Khushi dammnit!! We can now relax as we all by know that though "Nafrat paas aane na de...." we also know "Mohabbat Door jaane na de". Perfect!

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