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Blast From The Past!


Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon recently showcased on how desperate the Arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada can turn out to be when it comes to his wife Khushi. He did with all his might whatever possible to bring his wife back to where she belongs. But it seems, Khushi’s misfortune has followed her yet again. The recent promo telecasted in the channel showed the advent of Arnav’s daadi in the house. With this turn of events the dreadful past of the Raizada’s seems to be knocking on their doors again. In the coming episodes Arnav will find himself slowly getting drenched with the formidable memories of the past. Khushi being the caring, supportive wife will stand by him throughout, while Arnav being a allegiant husband will protect her from the wrath of his own Daadi.

It is quite significant that for the first time in the serial both the two leading protagonists are holding on to each other strongly in spite of all the major twists & turns.. The audience saw them fighting, quarreling, arguing, as well as romancing earlier. But it will be interesting to see how the CV’s present this caring and protective couple to the audience who would stand with each other firmly forming a Perfect Husband-Wife picture.

The long awaited Redemption track is also on roll through this Track. A unique way towards redemption is shown through the current track. The one who distressed his wife is not letting anyone insult her anymore, the one who had never supported her is now standing strong beside her against all odds, the one who was adamant about not caring for her is now nurturing her with love, care, trust day in and day out. This proves that true Redemption can be felt through one’s act but not through words only. This redemption in ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’s’ style is really different from other general ‘ghissa-pitta’ formulas for redemption followed in various other shows.’ASR & his wife KKGSR’ are a unique couple so indeed the redemption track involving them ought to be ‘Zara Hatke’.

But with the Past slowly approaching, it is kind of presenting warning bells to the undying, selfless love between Arnav and Khushi. Khushi is shown complaining that sometimes she just can’t relate to her beloved husband, while on the other hand with Daadi’s entry seems like Arnav Singh Raizada has once again closed himself in a ‘Shell’.

Khushi feels she is unaware of Arnav’s past, but the amusing reality is that she is not familiar with her own past as well. The destruction caused by the ‘Blast from The Past’ is going to be a bombshell for Khushi as soon as it hits Arnav, as suggested by the initial promos of the show which clearly stated that Arnav Khushi’s painful, dreadful past is connected.

Daadi’s entry has added a bit of Saas-Bahu element in the show which would surely help to boost the TRPs of the show. A distressing grand mother-in-law along with the combination of a loving and protective husband is something that always works with the viewers who are majorly women!

Watch how Arnav Singh Raizada protects his beloved wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada at every stage against anyone & everyone!!!

We wish all the luck to the IPKKND Team!!!

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Author: Saheli Goswami
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