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Destiny and a Past that comes Knocking!

Destiny and a Past that comes knocking !

With the passage of time, two individuals have switched roles. A rich, arrogant man who made his own way in life has bowed down to the love of a simple girl and has embraced the values of tradition and rituals. A simple girl who has grown up in the throes of these has stepped aside and acknowledged that heart belongs to this man whether the rituals bind them or not. This is the power of the love that these two share. The last couple of weeks have been the unraveling of multiple of storylines in the show.

shreeya 2Kya hai yeh phera, humarey feelings key badkar Kaisey” – This completely sums up “the” ASR. He cares a damn for the world. He is in love and nothing matters. ASR who couple of days ago questioned Kushi on the terrace with the above dialogue is now a changed man. He is willing to go through all the rasams that constitute a wedding just for the sake of love. His belief and what he has set forth to do are diametrically opposite but he is going to do it for love.

With the acknowledgement of love he bows down to her wishes to get married with proper rituals this time around. If this is not destiny then what is. This was also the growing of Arnav Singh Raizada as a character.

But fate and destiny have a funny way of rearing their heads when it is completely unexpected. With Dadi’s entry the past is slowly but surely extending its tentacles around the happiness that surrounds the family. Kushi is yet again the main focus of displeasure from dadi. The secrets that have been carefully withheld are slowly starting to unravel.

shreeya 1
Garima is wary and scared of meeting Dadi indicating that Garima is definitely central to the entire truth. One salient fact that was interesting is Dadi’s relief in knowing that Kushi is not Garima’s real daughter. There seems to be a complicated past that has Arnav’s parents, Dadi, Garima and kushi’s parents playing center stage. The past is being safeguarded for now. But how long can the truth be hidden! Truth always has a funny way of coming out and it has to come out.

It is indeed going to be interesting to know what the past is. For over a year, we have seen Arnav crying out as he hears a gunshot and visualizes his mother running towards it. Personally, as a viewer I am more than interested in seeing this story unfold.

On the other hand, Shyam is back to his deadly antics. Will he succeed in this innings? From all intents and purposes it seems to be so. His plan has been thoroughly thought through. The last time around he was blinded by his lust for kushi but this time around his intent is sharp and deadly. He has enlisted the aid of Anjali the ever trusting wife, and ASR’ Achilles heel and this is going to be the downfall of ASR. Shyam is playing a deadly game with his own flesh and blood. He is at his deadly best right now. Evil is slowly and steadily climbing the ladder to wage its war. The collateral being the babies that Anjali carries. If this is not darkness of the soul then what is?

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What is Shyam’s plan? Does he want to harm the baby, kill Anjali, stop the wedding of ASR and kushi or does his evilness have a much deeper past.

Amidst the past, the deadly games of Shyam, the two lovers are longing to unite. It is preordained by Devi Mayaa that they will marry in front of the world as they are bound together. But for these two lovers to be completely united the past has to be dealt with. Destiny again, is playing its starring role. It has brought back dadi from the ashram after 14 years to deal with it. The taint that has been left due to the past will be acknowledged and cleared just like sita maiya had done after her return, the agni pariksha has begun.

It is indeed going to be an interesting few weeks or months as the past unfolds slowly and steadily. Viewers are going to be biting their nails to know what happened in the past, the ones who love the romance of Arnav and kushi are going to watch with baited breath for their wedding to happen and the ones who enjoy the villainous antics of shyam are going to have an enjoyable ride. This is storytelling at its best.

I recommend that all of you sit back, relax and enjoy, as the team takes you on a journey of star crossed lovers, the tangled murky past and the avenging villain.

Written by: Shreeya Gupta
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