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I Me Myself - Barun Sobti

I Me Myself-Barun Sobti

Barun Sobti is an absolute delight to talk to. He is warm and down to earth. When you  meet him and interact with him there is one word that comes to your mind that would define him best- Sorted. During his birthday week, we bring you a sneak-peak of what the real man is like and why it is always a pleasure talking to him. We wish him a wonderful year ahead.

600x450xbarun-sobti10.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6mio46gGBtRangmunch: Were you ever frightened for your life?

Barun: I was  electrocuted  the other day. I got a massive current shock and  thought I was gonna die.

Rangmunch: What do you  consider your greatest achievement?

Barun: I think , it is  to come yet.

Rangmunch: Do you have any phobia’s?

Barun: Hmmmm….none that I know of. I don’t think I have come across any.

Rangmunch: When was the last time you felt proud of yourself?

Barun: hmmm …( thinks really hard ) It was something that happened sometime back.. (thinks deep)I can’t remember now.... Baad main batata hoon ..

6f845ff9-c6a9-4892-b6f1-222480d0ba4cMediumResRangmunch: Are you an impulsive person and if yes what was the last impulsive thing you did?

Barun: You know I am a very patient person with the people I have to be. But I am impulsive too and I do really silly things when I am in that mode…I have not fought  in a very long time..If you ask me to think of one it has to be the time when I think we beat up a few guys in Ruby Tuesday in Delhi cause he called a friend a firang.

Rangmunch: Have you ever dared to do something you regret?

Barun: Nothing , nothing. There is not a single incident in my life I regret. I have had a joy ride so far.
Baron Sobti

Rangmunch: What is your biggest ‘What if’ ?

Barun: See I didn’t really have anything big to loose up until now. But these days  my wife and I are scared of things changing and often wonder what if it’s not the same always. We just want things to be the way they are right now.

Rangmunch: Is there one person you would like to say sorry to ?

Barun: Aman …( As he watches Aman walking up to him ) Sorry Aman …( laughs)

Rangmunch: What is the first thing you bought with ur money?

Barun: I had a summer job, where I sold a dinner set. I earned Rs 200. Since I couldn't get anything else, I bought soup sachets for my family.

600x398xbarun-sobti16.jpg.pagespeed.ic.h8n5Tzpyu4Rangmunch: A piece of art you treasure in your house?

Barun: My wife! (Smiles)

Rangmunch: When was the last time you were nervous?

Barun: I always tend to get nervous during all of my performances even now.

Rangmunch: A childhood story your family teases you about?

Barun: All my childhood pictures for some reason are without pants , and its really embarrassing each time I look at them.

Credit: Rangmunch!
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