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I Love Football - Karan Goddwani

Karan Goddwani

Tellybuzz caught up with Karan Goddwani on an off day and in a rather relaxed mood as he decided to resort to multitasking – Cleaning his car and answering our questions!

Here is what quirky Karan had to say….

Your dream destination?
It has to be South Africa – I have not been there!

What is life according to you?
Life according to me is about taking things easy. People need to chill out after all 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'!

What are the things you love to do on the sets?
I love cracking sad jokes and then people make those faces like – Really you said that! Their faces are hilarious and I find that very funny.

Your favourite cuisine?
I'd say Italian. We keep discussing on the sets as well that we are tired of the Indian food dabba that we get from our homes. We need a change of food!

Your favourite sport?
I love football!

Things you can't live without?
My family , food , my car and my fans – I love them!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I have a massive sweet tooth. I love chocolates and sweets!

Favourite hangout in Mumbai?
I sit and relax at home and otherwise I love visiting the coffee shops. I frequently go to Gloria Jean's coffee in Powai. Other than that Barista Coffee shop in Inorbit Mall is another place I visit frequently.

On what occasion do you lie?
I lie whenever I'm late. The craziest lie I have come up with is when I was late and was asked what happened and I replied that I had to urinate and I changed the route to find a place to excuse myself. But the route was alien to me and I got lost (Laughs!)

Phrases you overuse?
Kamaal hai! This phrase is also used by NK and I use 'Oh! God'

What do you dislike about your parents ?
I love them but they would not just believe me when I say that food is very hot and I can't have chilly. They insist –' Thoda Kha ke dekh' and just don't pay any heed to me.  It is only when I'm literally half dead that they believe me!

If you could choose to comeback as someone , what would you like to be back as?
I would love to be back as one of the producers of 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?'. I could fulfil all the wishes of the actors – Holidays and Bonus Salary! (Laughs!)

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Medha Parashar
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