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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th August 2012 Written Update


Arnav tells Dadi that Khushi is an orphan like him and she's been brought up by her masa-masi. Dadi drops her decision to go to the GH henceforth since she feels Arnav knows a lot about them. Arnav is confused at Dadi's reaction.

At the GH, Madhumati complains to Garima about Dadi's behaviour. The phone rings and Khushi picks it up, having a normal conversation. Garima gets a bit worried and doesn't wish to meet Dadi yet. Khushi tells her they aren't coming and Garima breathes a sigh of relief. Khushi and Madhumati get worried seeing her unusual behaviour. Garima confesses that she is scared that something might go wrong and Khushi assures her nothing will, not with Arnav around. Madhumati also comforts her.

Next morning, everyone at the RM is preparing for the shagun. NK is being funny as usual but Manorma is her usual funny, catty self.

Arnav is talking to Khushi and hears Madhumati screaming in the background. Khushi tells Arnav he cannot meet her for the shagun, it has to be just family but Arnav says no one can stop him.

Later, Dadi also tells him he cannot see Khushi's face till the wedding. NK blurts out that Akash went in every function of his wedding and the rest of the family tries to stop him. Arnav, meanwhile, is appalled at this suggestion. NK lightens the atmosphere saying that without Arnav, they won't give the shagun to the wrong female. Arnav, however, is still upset.

Garima tells Madhumati she is going to get Shashi's medicine. Madhumati doesn't want her to go at this time but a desperate Garima says she has to go since they've run out of the medicine. Madhumati has no choice but to agree but ask her to hurry back since she should be here when they come. Madhumati is worried that nothing should go wrong in front of Dadi and Garima half-heartedly tells her she'll be back and everything will be fine. But Khushi has to remind her to take the prescription and is worried seeing her Amma's condition (who BTW, looks terrible).

The Rs reach GH with the shagun. Garima sees Dadi and hurriedly hides behind a man, scared and afraid. As soon as she gets an opportunity, she rushes out of sight. Dadi gets a little suspicious about the figure but proceeds towards the GH. Everyone gets ready to start the shagun.

Madhumati welcomes the Rs. Madhumati asks NK about his wedding and he again imagines her as his brideROFL.ROFL Dadi is still cold to Madhumati and NK tries to lighten the mood but Dadi stops him.

Manorma starts with her usual gibberish but Nani and Anjali give her a 'look' to shut her up. Payal emotionally greets Shashi and asks for Garima. Dadi is displeased that she has gone at this time. Madhumati tries to take care of the situation but it doesn't work and Dadi even makes a comment on Garima not being Khushi's biological mother. Madhumati calls Khushi outside and she comes with tea for everyone (She looks GORGEOUS! I wish they make this look permanent for her. Lovely hairstyleHeart). Dadi asks if Garima is ever coming back.

Madhumati diverts the topic and they begin with the shagun. Later, Dadi announces that roka will be tomorrow and bride and the groom cannot meet each other after haldi. Arnav announces his entry leaving everyone shockedBlushing Dadi gets angry at Arnav disobeying her. Arnav argues back that shagun is now over and haldi is a while away so he is not disobeying her in any way (OMG, I love himStern Smile). NK also seems impressed. Arnav tells Khushi he wants to talk to her alone and she is further taken aback (This guy is so shamelessTongue). He takes Khushi's hand and leads her away leaving everyone with various reactions (See what I mean?). Dadi is aghast at Arnav's attitude and openly criticises him. Anjali manages to calm her down and promises her that ArHi won't meet after haldi.

Khushi, meanwhile, doesn't not approve of Arnav upsetting Dadi either. Khushi tells him it's their roka tomorrow and explains what roka is. She tells him that they will make each other wear rings in the ring-finger since it's nerves go to the heart directly. Arnav acts smart and Khushi, who wears her heart on her sleeves, also falls in his trap and admits she's always hisHeart


Khushi asks Garima what took her so long. Garima lies that she couldn't find the medicines. Madhumati tells her that she should've been here as Dadi was asking about her repeatedly. Garima asks if everything was fine. Garima assures that it was and the roka is tomorrow.

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