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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Arnav asking Anjali where is she going and telling her, what do you think that I would let you go alone? Dadi comes there and says, whose going alone? Anjali has a sigh of relief. Dadi says, I am going with Anjali. Arnav says, okay then I will drop you both. Dadi says, no we will take another car. Arnav then calls driver and tells him to go with Dadi and Anjali. Arnav leaves. Anjali thanks Dadi. Dadi tells Anjali to drop her till temple. They also leave now.

Arnav and Khushi are in a hotel now. Khushi is in a black dress. Arnav looks at her and just keeps staring. Khushi confirms her reservation with a hotel stuff but he says, your reservation is for 25th and today it’s 24th. Arnav tells her, we will come tomorrow. Khushi says let me handle this and she asks hotel staff is they can’t give them 1 table. Staff says they are booked and it’s difficult. He starts walking but Khushi stops him and starts talking sweetly with him. She takes him on a side and says, I am giving treat to my future husband for the first time and if you do this then how will I show my face to him? She asks just for one table. Hotel staff says okay and finds her a table.

Arnav is about to sit but Khushi stops him and she pulls back his chair for him and then asks him to sit. They finally sit down. Khushi is looking at the menu. Arnav asks her, what are you doing? Khushi asks the waiter, don’t you have kabab here? Arnav says this is Italian restaurant. Khushi says, I know and I am asking for Italian Kabab. She then says that she was just kidding. Khushi is shocked seeing at the menu. Arnav says, I will help you. Khushi then tells the waiter to bring, no. 7. no.8 items.

Shyam and Anjali also enter the same restaurant now.

Break 1..

Arnav says, you know my favorite restaurant……… Khushi says, what the and stops him. She says very seriously, “when I am talking ‘don’t you dare’ to interfere”. Arnav laughs and says, okaaay. Khushi then says, I am trying to be like Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. Arnav says what? Khushi says, not what.. what the.. She says when you can become like Khushi then why can’t I become like Arnav? When you can come to temple then I can also come for a date to expensive places like this.

Anjali and Shyam sit couple of tables far from Arnav & Khushi. Shyam gifts Anjali something for their baby. Anjali is worried as her godh bharai is on the same day as Khushi’s mehendi. Shyam says her not to worry and he will take care of everything.

Waiter serves food to Khushi and Arnav. Khushi asks him, why it’s only half plate? Did they eat other half? Arnav smiles and says it’s full plate. Khushi then eats and says it’s not good. Arnav says to her, what kind of date is this? We came before reservation date.. I was pulling chair for you but you pull my chair for me and now.. Khushi says, I ordered wrong food right? Arnav says, food that you don’t like. Khushi asks him, you don’t like this food either right? Arnav tells her to relax and says he will handle. Khushi says, I know but I ordered all this for you. Arnav then adds some salt or something and asks her to eat now. Khushi likes it now and says you again did this for me.. and what I did. Arnav tells her look there. Waiter comes with wine. Arnav tells her, I want you to drink wine. He says it’s just like grape juice. He then says, think it’s bhang and drink it. Khushi refuses but then in end drinks it for Arnav.

She says this is very good. I didn’t know it would taste this good. She then drinks whole glass in one shot. Waiter comes there and Khushi offers her glass for more. Waiter says, you liked kalakhatta that much? Khushi gets shocked and says what? She asks Arnav, you lied to me? That’s why I was wondering why this is like kala khatta. Arnav tells her, I won’t tell you anything to do that you don’t like or don’t want to do. You don’t need to be like me. Khushi says, but you did so much for me.. Arnav says I am doing all these .. mandir.. rituals .. because I don’t have any problem doing all those things and I am doing for you. He holds her hand and says, “I love you the way you are. You don’t need to change yourself.” Khushi says, Okay I won’t change myself. She then says, she has one more thing for him.

She goes to get that thing. She passes by Shyam and Anjali’s table and doesn’t see them. She comes with a champagne bottle now. Arnav tells her, but you don’t drink right? Khushi says so what.. you drink na. I have seen how they open bottle when there is big event. She then tries to open it. Arnav tells her, give me I will do it. Khushi says, no I know it. Arnav tells her to be careful as there is a specific way to open. Khushi opens it and the top part flies and hits someone’s glasses. Glasses break and fall in his food. That guy stands up and says what is all this? Waiter apologizes to him on Khushi’s behalf. Arnav also apologies to him and that guy finally calms down.

Khushi has tears in her eyes. Arnav then acts as Khushi and says I am doing all this for Arnav.. I don’t drink..etc… and now everything got messed up. They both laugh then. Khushi says, you are right everything messed up. Arnav says, well wherever Khushi is, dhamaka (blasts) will be there as well. Khushi says, are you making my fun? Arnav says, how can I make fun of you. They both again sit down.

Anjali opens gift that Shyam gave. It’s small bangles for their baby. Anjali drops it on floor and Shyam goes to pick them up. While he’s picking them up, he sees Arnav and Khushi.

Break 2..

Arnav and Khushi are going out and Shyam sees them. He hides and tells Anjali to hide as well.

Khushi tells Arnav, I didn’t pay the bills. Arnav says, relax, I paid everything. Khushi says, but it was for you from me. Arnav says, it’s okay and they leave.

Shyam and Anjali have a relief. Anjali says, I think we should leave now. Shyam says, they left now, don’t worry. Anjali says, what if Arnav calls me? Shyam says, not now.. after 10 minutes. Anjali then asks about tomorrow. Shyam says, I will come. Shyam then says in his mind, It’s already late and I can’t delay what I have planned to do. He says, tomorrow I will be allowed to enter Raizada house and then I will be able to take care of you better.

It’s morning now. Arnav is working on his laptop and some workers are decorating their house. NK is explaining workers what to do in his own messed up hindi. Aakash comes and corrects his hindi. Shyam is also there being of the workers.

They show Shyam and Episode ends.


Garima and Buaji arrive at Raizada house. Garima asks Manorama, where is Dadi? Manorama says, come in, I will take you to her. Dadi is helping Anjali in her godh bharai preparations and Manorama is taking Garima to Dadi.
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