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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 28th August 2012 Written Update


Shyam, in disguise of a handyman, does something with the electrical wires of the RM.
Inside the house, NK spots a wire and asks Arnav about it who seems least interested but takes a look anyway. Shyam sees Arnav and NK inspecting the wire and realises that this will lead them to the spycam. He quietly climbs up the ladder and cuts the wire so that Arnav and NK can't reach it.

At GH, Garima seems distracted and Madhumati sympathises thinking she is worried about Arnav's Dadi. It is revealed that Payal is not Garima's biological daughter either. She is Shashi's first wife's daughter who had passed away leaving the family broken. Madhumati tells her she deserves happiness for accepting Shashi and Payal in that condition. Garima hugs Madhumati and thinks that she can do anything for her daughters' happiness and is ready to beg Dadi for forgiveness.

Shyam is busy messing with the wiring while listening to Arnav giving some instructions to the other handymen. He notices that Shyam isn't where he was standing and enquires about 'the man'. He looks around for him and Shyam reaches Anjali's room. He puts something under her bed and leaves before Arnav can come in. Anjali comes out of the bathroom and sees Arnav in her room. He asks if she had called anyone for any work and she refuses. Arnav calls someone up and asks them to check all the workers' company IDs. He enquires about Anjali's health and leaves. Anjali tells her baby that she wishes that his/her father was there for the godhbharai too.

The Rs welcome the Gs. While Payal greets everyone, Khushi looks around for someone. Madhumati asks Payal about Dadi since she wants to meet Garima. Manorma says finally the much-awaited moment has arrived Tongue.

Arnav and NK are going somewhere when Arnav spots Khushi and they both share a Rabba Ve eyelock. NK asks Arnav how he knew Khushi has come and Khushi answers for him that they know just like that. Arnav points to Khushi's face and she wonders if something is wrong but he is only teasing her. Khushi asks Payal if something is wrong with her face and Payal assures her she is looking beautiful.

Manorma and Nani take Garima and Madhumati inside. Garima follows Manorma to meet Dadi. She is visibly nervous to spot Dadi who is helping Anjali. Before they can reach her, Dadi leaves for some work. Payal tells Garima she'll make her meet Dadi.

NK, Arnav and Akash, on NK's idea, decide to have some fun of their own while the ladies party downstairs. NK says they'll watch a horror movie!

Dadi is sitting in front of the idol and wishing Shyam was here with Anjali too.

Payal, meanwhile, gets Garima there to meet Dadi. But once again, before Dadi can spot Garima, someone comes in front and she leaves. Payal tells Garima Dadi is very busy with work and she'll make them meet later.

Khushi gets a call from Arnav and she tells him she knows he was teasing her. Arnav says she still has a little red nose on her face. Khushi hands over the phone to Madhumati and Arnav gives his to NK immediately. Arnav and Akash decide to watch the fun. NK gets the shock of his life when he realises he is talking to Madhumati.

Anjali is happily sitting hugging her belly as people shower her with blessings. Dadi still hasn't spotted Garima. Anjali tells her baby that she is waiting for him/her to come and call her 'Ma' and she wants him/her to always stay with them. Some ladies comment on Shyam not being here putting the Rs in an awkward situation while Anjali gets a little upset. They gossip on how something must've gone wrong. Dadi tells Nani that this is what she meant since so many days; this is all Arnav's fault. Khushi asks Anjali about her medicines and gets water for her. Arnav comes down and overhears Dadi asking to call Shyam to shut everyone's mouths. Arnav makes it clear that Shyam is never going to come in that house again.


Arnav pleads Dadi to understand that just when they'd started forgetting the past 14 years, Shyam betrayed them all. Garima is overhearing all this.

Credit: PurpleFairy
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