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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 31st August 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Anjali going to her room thinking Shyam is there. Shyam says, I didn’t have to do anything. My dear Rani Saheba is coming herself to get trapped. He has an evil smile.

Back to Mehendi’s function. Everyone is dancing. Khushi sees Anjali going somewhere so she goes to her and asks what happened. Anjali says she is fine. Before Khushi says anything more, Payal comes and takes her back in the function. Anjali has a sigh of relief and she is going to her room. Khushi still has an eye on her. Buaji comes to Khushi and asks her if she saw Garima anywhere. Khushi says no and she goes to find her. Anjali is carefully going to her room and she has no shoes or anything. She opens her room door and puts her leg on pieces of glasses that Shyam had spreaded. Anjali is very hurt. Shyam is hiding and looking at her struggling and laughing. Blood is coming out of her legs but she still comes inside and closes the door.

Anjali is worried that no one sees Shyam. She is struggling a lot but still walking and searching for Shyam.

Garima calls Khushi and says, I have came back to home because nurse called me and I didn’t get time to tell anyone about it. Khushi says, you just take care of yourself and babuji.

Anjali is still searching for Shyam. Shyam sees her but doesn’t come out. Anjali again puts her legs on pieces of glasses and goes outside of her room. She is coming near to electrical wires with whom Shyam had done something.

Khushi tells Buaji that Garima went to her house. Dadi comes and says so your mother left again without meeting me. NK comes there and takes Khushi back on dancing floor. They all dance on song “Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna.. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna”.

On the other side, Anjali coming closer to eletrical wires. Shyam is beside some electrical box and looking at her and has some wires on his hand.

Everyone is celebrating and dancing outside. Arnav comes closer to Khushi. Khushi signals not here. But Arnav pulls her and hugs her.

Anjali comes right beside electrical wires and Shyam gives a current from there. Anjali gets a shock and is about to fall down from the stairs.

Break 1..

Anjali gets a shock and screams. Everyone looks at her and that’s the end of their celebration and dance. Anjali falls down from the stairs and everyone runs to her starting with Arnav. Shyam says in his mind, that was the blast I was talking about.. now I can easily enter in this house. He has a smile on his face.

Everyone rushes to the hospital. Doctors take Anjali to the operation room.

Everyone is waiting desperately for doctor to come out. Khushi goes to Arnav and holds his hand. Doctor comes out and gives famous dialouge, “I am sorry, We tried our best but from child and mother…” Arnav gets mad and says to doctor, what sorry? what are you trying to say? Doctor continues, “I am sorry but we couldn’t save the child”. Everyone is in a big shock.

Break 2..

Hospital staff brings Anjali out of the operation room and takes her to some other room. She is still unconscious.

Everyone says to doctor, please tell us this is not true. Doctor says, I can understand you all but this is the truth… She fell down like this in pregnancy which resulted in this. Doctor leaves from there.

Everyone is remembering how Anjali was so excited and happy as her child was coming. Nani says, why all this had to happen to with Anjali only. When she finds out this then.. How we will tell her about this.

Episode ends with Arnav’s sad face.


Anjali is in a hospital room, unconscious. Arnav goes to the room and is looking at Anjali from outside of the room.
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2 September 2012 at 01:16

Am feeling sad - for Anjali, for her baby and for ASR-Khushi whose marriage will probably not happen now. After waiting for over a year for them to acknowledge their feelings to themselves and then to each other, marriage was such a perfect next step. it would be terrific if their relationship would move to the next level with more understanding between them, more forgiveness and the determination to stand by each other, against all odds. To believe totally in their love for each other and the amazing connection they share (which has been potrayed so beautifully in the show).

It would be rare and a refreshing change from the usual story lines of tv shows which survive mostly on tragedies and disasters. It would be so great if, after hearing the truth about Garima, Khushi can take a gentle and soothing stand instead of crossing swords with the one person she truly loves. If she cld see beyond the bitter words that ASR is bound to speak and feel him hurting. Allow him to vent and get it all out of his system - after all, she is really the only person he can literally say anything to. That may help him truly put the past to rest and make their bond stronger because he will see what she has done - yet again for him. Of course, later in the show it wld be great to have ASR do the same for Khushi.

ASR and Khushi are such unique individuals with a very different take on life and relationships, it wld be wonderful to see them work together to solve problems - their solutions wld also be unique - specially Khushi's :)

And this love which can go through he'll and still come out intact would be so perfect for the title - iss pyaar ko kya naam doon!

As for Anjali, she is one of the most lovable characters in the show - so graceful, such a good-looking girl, with a beautiful smile, a great actress - get her a great guy like Arjun Rampal and have her live happily ever after laughing at the mad capers of her brother and sis-in-law!

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