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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Analysis and Symbolism


Really this is the CV’s idea of a Suhaag Raat? Haan Haan i know ki it would have never happened in the first place at all, but seriously this was their idea of Arnav teasing Khushi? Of a foreplay? Really…Well then it was disappointing. ArShi sells, it is they who make IPKKND worth watching, but no matter how much a chemistry you share on screen if the execution goes wrong it leaves a bad taste….

So it was the lehenga choli that came in the suitcase that was couriered. ASR had gone to great extents to perfect his Suhaag Raat sadly Khushi had other plans….Can you blame her? No. Khushi has had a very traditional. cultured upbringing these rites and rituals mean a lot to her. We know how many deaths she died when Arnav filled her maang with Sindoor and adorned her neck with the Mangalsutra without even knowing its meaning, and out of Anger the reasons to which was unknown to her then. All these things have a meaning and value in life and especally in Khushi’s life and hence she could not come to terms with going ahead with what ASR wanted because it wasn’t right. She tells him she can, she argues and lets him know the reason as well. And what does ASR do? Well he puts on the garb of the ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA and decides to get the phera’s done right then on the terrace. Khushi protests once again because she knew this wasn’t right and this was not how it is to happen……As fate would have wanted it Dadi makes her guest appearance right on time and sees all that was happening. Did she hear what Khushi said is still unclear but taking it from the promo looks like Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is up for another round of INSULTS.

Now was ASR wrong? NO
Was Khushi wrong? NO

I am sure you all wanna know why ASR is not wrong. Going per her character sketch ASR does not believe in Marriage, even during the Lavanya track the initial idea was to go ahead with a Live-In relationship, but then things change and ASR agrees for an engagement and then marriage but ultimately that does not happen. So basically Marriage, its rites, its rituals the sindoor, Mangalsutra, pheras etc don’t matter to him. All that matters to him was what he felt, what Khushi felt and nothing more. Yet for her so that she would not be that uncomfortable he decides to take a phera, again this was for her, not him….which is why where its being done, if the pandit was present/absent etc did not matter. He does not even know how many pheras are there which si evident from his 7 ya 8 question.

Same goes for Khushi, she too is in love with Arnav, she would tremble at his slightest touch and would go ahead with the flow, had her beliefs, her upbringing not called out to her. For her to do everything as per the vidhi-vidhan’s was important.

Arnav and Khushi are two really strong opinionated people, to change these beliefs is not possible…For Khushi it’s her upbringing, her Background, culture and traditions that makes her think and act like this, whereas for Arnav its something he groomed himself to, these things did not have any meaning according to him, if at all there was its long burned down to ashes 14 years back.

Tumhi Dekho Na Song Seq – Could have been done more tastefully. It was Dull and looked as it brought in for the sake of bringing a Song Seq. The execution was completely Off. Those who look for just ArShi moments can enjoy every bit of it, but those who look for a start a story and a finish they will surely be disappointed. The song is an SRK-Rani starrer and we have seen what magic the song had created onscreen. Here the lyrics used were perfectly in sync with the characters of Arnav and Khushi especially the one that went

Main Toh Anjaan Thi…Yun bhi hoga kabhi
Pyaar Barsega yun toot ke

Because all this is still new for Khushi, still she has not been able to gauge the fact that the person who was showering so much of love upon her was the man who once insulted her, called her characterless, home wrecker etc……

On the whole the song seq was not the highlight like it should have been, but then ASR’s “Because I LOVE YOU dammit” made up for it……

To understand the essence of using a Dupatta in Hindi Soaps is a mission impossible. Most of the time the heroines use it as an object of Glamor, or for Rabba Ve’s (Read Romantic Seq) phir bhi supposedly the dupatta goes missing, they are shy and uncomfortable to come forward. Yeh Kya Logic Hui? From Day 1 Khushi has been wearing her dupatta around her neck it adds beauty to her overall presentation in a Churidaar or a Salwar, and nothing much, then today if the Dupatta of her lehenga was actually missing what’s the big deal???? Somethings are best left illogical.

Sanaya should stick to this side curls and not waist length hair look, because it looks stunning on her. Be it in the lavender-golden Sari look or the Lehenga that ASR giftet her…The curls actually highlighted her over all look.

So now with Dadi in the picture, with the on air promo : Remarriage is the first best thing and next on Cards because Arnav is on mission safeguard Khushi, be it herself or her name….He is not ready to see anybody insult his wife, or point fingers at her….So the best thing ASR can do is give her a marriage she has always wished for. But then the question remains like in the promo “Is Dadi actually upset with Khushi only because of the pheras or is the cause deep-rooted?


When Dadi sees Arnav and Khushi, there is one particular shot where the flames are soaring high with ArShi in the BG. It gives you a picture like they are being engulfed by the flame. So this could be the Agni Pareeksha their relationship, their love, their bond would have to go through because of Dadi. And when Khushi tries to get on the floor, Aranv decides to keep her safe in his arms. This could indicate him standing by her in the future, he wouldn’t leave her standed like last time.

Vijitha Rajan
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