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Irresistible Impactful Impressions


Well Superstar…Super leads make up our list of Irresistible, Impactful Impressions today…..They actors have gone ahead and outshone themselves in their respective roles, and we love them for that…

barun sobti profile pic1 150x150 Irresistible Impactful Impressions 8Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada: Without Barun Sobti, there is no Arnav Singh Raizada, and I am sure we all agree to this. Day after day we get to see a new side to the character of Arnav Singh Raizada and thanks to Barun, its completely paisa Vasool…..These days Barun is hardly there in the episodes, and we wonder why, but that does not stop this talented actor from showcasing his acting prowess and even in the limited screen time he gets he successfully weaves the ASR magic…Today ASR once again makes it clear to Dadi that Shyaam will never come back to Shantivan….The determination in his voice and his eyes were inevitable…..But this determination is not just when it comes to Shyaam but also when he tells his Nani that he and Anjali wants to forget everything that happened 14 years ago, ki they want to forget the things of the past because they are not worth thinking….The sincerity in his wish, the helplessness in his eyes, that Dadi was not trying to understand where he comes from was bang on!!! Barun truly excels in the department of expressions….Even the smallest emotion is well expressed and executed…..We have ASR in his calm best, we wonder when we wil be seeing the angry side of him again??? Well that’s pretty much it…

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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