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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 10th August 2012 Written Update


The episode starts with everyone sitting at the dinning table and Payal is serving food to everyone. Khushi walks in with water and keeps it on the table. Just then Nani starts coughing and asks for water, Khushi pours it in the half filled glass of milk. Everyone is shocked. Arnav tries to stop her but she is in her own world. Payal tells her what is she doing and that's when Khushi notices what she has done. She apologizes to an angry Dadi. NK then notices the way Khushi is dressed. NK compliments her on her sense of dressing. Everyone seems surprised. Arnav thinks to himself that Khushi is absolutely mad and smiles to himself. Nani asks Khushi that why is she wearing the Kurta front-backwards. Khushi yelps in surprise. And Arnav starts teasing her that why is she so lost today? Khushi runs away in embarrassment.

Arnav is shown talking on his phone via Bluetooth. Anjali comes down the stairs and has a thaali in her hand. Arnav walks upto her and tells her that he will come along to which Anjali says that he doesn't have to worry and that she will be back soon. Arnav asks her again and Anjali says that she is happy that he even asked. Anjali walks away. Manorama calls Anjali and tells her that she will come along only if Anjali gives her 5 minutes to which Anjali says that the Aarti is about to start. Manorama says that she only needs to touch-up on her make-up and she will be back very soon. Anjali tells her that she has to stay back and help with the Janmashtami's preparations. Manorama looks convinced and decides to stay back at the Raizada Mansion.

Payal and Manorama are preparing for Janmashtami. Payal calls out to Khushi and tells her to bring the flowers. Khushi screams back that she is bring them but Arnav pulls her and there are flowers all around her. Rabba ve plays for less than a minute. Arnav then reminds Khushi of their Suhaag raat that is supposed to be tonight. Khushi asks him what Suhaag raat to which Arnav says that we spoke about this yesterday and then he asks Khushi whether she is scared? Khushi doesn't answer and Arnav says good, see you tonight and walks away smirking to himself. Khushi thinks to himself that what is she going to do now?

Khushi walks to the kitchen and Nani tells her that she wants Khushi to make the sweets for Janmashtami that everyone will break their fasts with. Khushi starts making Jalebi's and the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. Nani and Payal stand their looking dumbstruck. Payal asks Khushi why is she making Jalebi's to which Khushi apologizes again. Nani asks Khushi whether she is fine? Just then Arnav walks in and asks Khushi the same question. Khushi gives him a really disgusted look and Khushi tells Nani that she will make Kheer right away. Arnav smirks to himself again and walks away.

Manorama is talking to herself and NK walks in and says that he feels like eating non-vegetarian food. Manorama shushes him and says that in this house, non-veg food is banned. NK then mentions that just like Sooraj from Diya Aur Baati Hum who doesn't cook non-veg and therefore he should be kicked out. Manorama objects to this and says that everyone should do what they are good at. NK disagrees and they banter on and on. Manorama then says that she will vote for Sooraj to not make non-veg food to which NK says that he will vote for him to cook non-veg food.

Manorama then starts wondering where Anjali is gone off to. On the other end, Anjali is shown sitting in a club. Manorama calls her and she cuts it after being a little tensed. Manorama wonders to herself that has Anjali gone to the hospital like last time? Manorama then calls the driver who says that he is waiting outside the mandir but Anjali is nowhere to be seen. Manorama decides to tell Arnav.

Dadi and Nani are both decorating. Nani says that she is very happy that everything is nearly done to which Dadi says that DamaadJi is missing. Nani doesn't say anything again to which Dadi keeps on telling Nani that she wants an answer about her DamaadJi.

Scene changes and it shows Arnav on the phone via Bluetooth again and Manorama walks in, she wants to tell Arnav about Anjali but Anjali calls just then and says that she is on her way back home. Manorama is about to tell Arnav about Anjali when they hear Nani and Dadi arguing from downstairs so they rush down the stairs.

Dadi is telling Nani that she has been here at the RM for so many days yet DamaadJi hasn't come to meet her even once. Arnav walks upto them and tells Dadi that she won't see him anymore either. Dadi asks that why is he not staying here with Anjali in this house to which Arnav replies that he has kicked him out of the RM. Dadi is shocked. Nani calm Dadi down and says that in the past 14 years a lot has happened and she will tell her everything but just not today. Dadi asks how could Arnav do such a thing to which Arnav says that he loves Di the most and can't take anyone backstabbing her and Shyaam did exactly that. He further tells her that no one utters Shyaam's name in this house and especially in front of Anjali and he walks away. Dadi is about to go after him but Nani stops her and says to let it go for today to which Dadi says that she will not let Arnav walk away from her and leave her unanswered today. She walks after him.

Dadi walks in and Arnav is standing by the window/door. She tells Arnav that he has changed a lot and isn't the same Arnav who used to run after her and sleep in her lap. Arnav says that time has changed and it has taught him a lot. Dadi says that since when did he have the right to decide that his pregnant sister live without her husband? She then asks him that how can he decide to take away the father from his own sister's unborn child just like he was brought up father-less. Arnav then screams that he grew up without a father because he had committed suicide. Arnav further says that his father died and forced his mother to commit suicide too. Dadi gets angry and says that his mother committed suicide because she was a weak woman and that she didn't know how to take care of her children and keep the family together. Arnav tells her to stop and that he won't bear listening to anyone say anything against his mother even if it's Dadi. Dadi tells Arnav that he is doing exactly what he did when it came to that accident 14 years ago and he was wrong then too and today too. Arnav tells her to stop it. He then tells her that why does she keep reminding him of that night - the night that changed everything. He tells Dadi that he tried so hard to keep everything and everyone together and does she not want them to forget what happened that night? Dadi tells Arnav that she wants him to keep the past in mind and think about the future because they can't change the past but they can influence the future. She tells Arnav that he is doing the same thing he did that night. Arnav says that he was right then too and today as well, then his father was wrong and today Shyaam is wrong. Arnav then swears that Shyaam will never come back in this house. Dadi and Arnav have a complete face-off when Nani walks in and closes the door behind her. She says that Anjali has returned and can the two please stop fighting. Nani further tells Dadi that Anjali is happy today because of the Pooja happening in the house, she tells Arnav that can he stop fighting for the sake of Di? Dadi walks away in anger. Nani looks at Arnav solemnly and walks out too. Arnav is left in his room and the episode ends on his face.

Precap: Anjali is texting someone on her phone when Manorama comes and sits there suddenly and asks Anjali who it was to which Anjali says that it was a forwarded message.
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