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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th August 2012 Written Update


Mami is being all hectic about NK sitting and getting the place ready. NK tells Mami to chill but she says she cant. Payal asks what the matter is and she replies what if the person ASR is gone looking for arrives at RM she is scared because of that. NK asks from who and Mami replies Dadiji of everyone.

Khushi is outside with flowers and stating by the time they bloom Anjali will have a new arrival.

Mamiji explains to NK that Dadiji is strict lady and she prays that Dadi always be happy wherever she is but not come to RM.

We see outside RM house there is someone with a bag.

Khushi tells Mami she is going out to water the plants, and Mami wants to call ASR to find out what is happening.

As Dadiji is walking up the stairs, Khushi is walking to the door with a bowl of water, she gets frightened by Dadi and ends up throwing the water on Dadi and starts to scream. Dadi does not look best pleased

Khushi tries to apologise but Dadi stops her and NK comes asking what is wrong, Khushi states about the Chipkali and NK thinks she is talking about Dadi, Mami comes and is shocked to see Dadi, everyone is shocked to hear this. Dadi enquires about the family and Mami stutters an explanation NK introduces himself and Khushi trips and holds on to Dadi for support, which again is irking Dadi. Dadi asks Mami that don't the servants of the house know their place, Mami stutters and not able to explain, and Dadi says she is going to have a wash. Dadi stares at Khushi and she is flustered. NK wants to know what Mami didn't tell the truth and she explains that she didn't want to be the one to tell Dadi and ASR played hide and seek and got married. Nani can be the one to inform her as they are best of friends and tells Payal to make food for Dadi.

Dadi getting ready for some ritual in her room.

Payal and Khushi talking about Dadi and that she must be a strict person and wonders why she lives away from the family and did not come to the wedding. Payal talks to Khushi about being called a servant but Khushi states that it doesn't matter. She tells Khushi to take the food and to explain that she isn't a servant but the bahu. Khushi thinks that this will be a good idea as it will give her a chance to talk and ask her some questions, there are a lot of things she don't know about ASR and that the person she loves she doesn't even know properly.

Dadi is praying 'cleansing ' herself. Khushi knocks and calls for Dadi but she does not answer, she goes to enter but dadi shows her the hand and tells her to stop. Dadi then goes and closes the door on Khushi, which upsets her.

Mami then goes to give the milk to Dadi and she asks that she gave the milk to a servant to give to her, and that she doesn't take anything from a servant. She then notices Khushi cleaning in the mandir and shakes her head. Khushi tells HP to call everyone for prayers. Dadi comes and takes the tali, Khushi tries to explain but again Dadi cuts her. NK comes to explain that Khushi is not a servant but is cut off by dad. Dadi tells Mami to wash the taali and to purify herself as well. Khushi solemnly leaves and NK and Payal are at a loss for words.

There is a knock on the door and Khushi opens to see Khushi looking sad and asks what is wrong, she hears the voice of Dadi calling for prayers and is confused. Anjali gets emotional to see Dadi and has an emotional hug stating that she is here after so many years since that fateful night.

Anjali starts to ask questions but Dadi tells her to stop and asks about the family and Shyam and Anjali is at a loss of words on what to say. She leaves crying and Dadi is confused.

Anjali is in her room and dadi enters Anjali lies on Dadi's lap and cries and dadi questions what happened and where damand is, Anjali says everything is changed and why she left. Anajli asks why she left, she replies that she is back now and everything will be fine and Anjali is glad to hear it.

Dadi brings down Anjali, just then ASR comes in with Nani telling her that they will call the police, ASR and Nani are then shocked to see Dadi standing there

Dadi asking Nani that ASR married and Nani didn't know and how that could be, ASR replies that he didn't tell anyone, and because no one was present. Dadi wants to explain and notices Khushi at the door and motions her to stop, Dadi continues but then ASR goes and stands next to Khushi and then tells Dadi to continue.

Credit: Illyria
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