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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th August 2012 Written Update


Arnav and Nani are shocked to see Dadi in the RM and Arnav recalls the fateful night again. Dadi is emotional seeing him and hugs him. Dadi and Nani also share a joyous reunion. Nani introduces Dadi to Payal and Khushi. Dadi is as usual disapproving of Khushi and is shocked to know that Khushi is Arnav's wife. Nani asks Khushi to take Dadi's blessings with Arnav but Dadi gives her blessings only to Arnav giving Khushi a contemptous look and walking away from them. This shocks and upsets all (Great! Just what we needed. Another person in the RM who mistreats KhushiErmm). Nani comforts Arnav and Khushi saying she'll talk to Dadi and set everything right.
Nani comes to Dadi in her room and asks her why she is so upset. Dadi says how she can be happy when she had left the responsibility of the kids on her but she didn't know about anything in Arnav's and Anjali's lives. Nani is angry and shots back that she is the one who left them and went and didn't even care to keep contact after 'the incident'. Dadi asks her not to talk about it since she can only remember that 'woman'. The two women get into an argument.
Khushi is disturbed because of the way Dadi has treated her. She walks into Arnav's bedroom and sees Arnav there. He also looks lost. He senses her presence but doesn't react. Khushi tries to talk to him about how Dadi didn't like her maybe because she didn't know about the wedding. Khushi goes and sits on the bed and Arnav finally takes a look at how upset she is. He comforts her saying that Dadi is not angry at her and also, the way they got married is not her fault but his; so she shouldn't blame herself as Dadi has always been this way and her judgement is always coloured. The way he speaks about her, it is clear that he doesn't like her dominating nature. Khushi is a little puzzled and asks Arnav why he is so angry, she feels it is some other reason and not what happened outside. She also asks why he never mentioned Dadi before and if things are fine between them. She assures him that he can tell her. Khushi tells him that she sometimes feels that she doesn't know anything about him. Arnav just walks away from her and Khushi feels that one moment, she feels she knows him and the next, she feels he is still a stranger.
Dadi is upset with Nani about not informing about Arnav's marriage and is even more shocked to know that Arnav hadn't told anyone about the marriage (as told by Arnav himself as he interrupts their conversation). He tells Dadi that no one was present at his wedding. Dadi expresses her displeasure on this and Arnav doesn't seem to care. Arnav also tells her that she has no right to question him like this after leaving them and breaking all touch. Dadi tells her that she is still his grandmother, his father's mother. At the mention of his father, Arnav turns away and the two have a heated argument where Arnav says he is not like his father and will never be. He tells Dadi that he doesn't like anyone taking his father's name in the house and makes it clear enough despite Dadi's anger.
Payal is trying to cheer Khushi up saying that everything will be fine later since Dadi doesn't know her yet, once she does, everything will be fine. NK comes and supports Payal. Khushi feels she should go and apologise to Dadi. NK and Payal like the idea and support her decision.
Khushi goes to Dadi's and Manorma comes and says that this is like sending lamb in the lion's den. This worries NK and Payal a bit.
Nani tries to calm Dadi and Arnav down, asking them to forget whatever happened. Just then, Khushi comes in and Dadi stops her with her hand. Arnav turns around to see Khushi retreating. Dadi starts talking to him and Arnav walks up to Khushi ignoring her. He takes Khushi's hand and stands by her side and then ask Dadi to speak up. He tells her that he is not needed where his wife can't come so he will listen from the doorway. Khushi is touched at this gesture. Dadi says that she cannot say anything if that is his attitude. Arnav doesn't seem to care and Khushi is quite taken aback at this.

Arnav and Khushi are sleeping. Arnav suddenly wakes up, disturbed and tensed and this wakes Khushi up as well. She asks Arnav if he has had a nightmare.

Credit: PurpleFairy
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