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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 8th August 2012 Written Update


Omg ..what an episode Clap...loved it yaar.Embarrassed..its getting interesing day by many of u liked itSmile...just want to thank cvs for giving this...arnav is getting better husband day by dayEmbarrassed...and i hope it continues..Smile. so its kind of unique redemption that cvs are trying to give us..Smile.well may yesterday and today epis..and yeah pearl scene tooSmile...well whatever he did to khushi he is now making up for protecting her now and giving her all love and support and respect Embarrassed...well nice..everyone was good today except daadi...Confused

i am just loving ASR more day by day Embarrassed...the way arnav grabbed khushi hand and took her away from daadi room Embarrassed...and nk and payal saw it...and were afraid that something bad has happenedConfused..while naani asked daadi why she is behaving like this...she didnt know her and she didnt behave like this so why is beahving like this with khushi...daadi didnt did she know her...???Shocked may be...

while arnav had nightmare about his past and got up when khushi asked him he didnt replied and went to pool side and she said that how can she reduce his pain when he wont say anything Confused...and she plays the song on phone..aaja piyaEmbarrassed...and tries to pacify arnav but he wasnt comfortable Confused..oh khushi was soo sweet...Embarrassedaww this was soo romantic..the way khushi was trying to make him smile with her lovable..and the way she hugged him from back while he was on recliner ..was the most romantic one...Embarrassed

but when arnav shrugged off her hand she said she doesnt want to change him and she doesnt want to interfere in his past life and doesnt want to hurt his feelings Confused..she thought he is angry on her..Confused..but suddenly arnav broke in to tears and said with heavy voice that he was 14 years old when his mother committed suicide.Cry..khushi eyes too become teary on seeing him like this and went and hugged arnav tight and cried Cry ...and arnav too reciprocated the hug and cried..Cry...that was really emotional arnav first time opened in front of khushi..Cry

in morning too khushi was looking arnav asleepEmbarrassed...nd said that she didnt knew that he has hidden soo much pain inside himConfused...when arnav arnav woke up she just went and was stealing glances of him when he asked why she is looking at him like this LOL..and she said is there tax on seeing him...and left LOL ..arnav smiled...LOL

and all the house was busy in preparing for janmashtmi..while anjali was asking for shankh..which khushi said she will find it in store roomSmile...and she hugged her and when anjali asked what happened ..she said just like thatSmile...while arnav watched this and smiled.Smile..while khushi was going to store arnav teased her and tried to flirt by stopping her in way Wink..and gave a smirk..and she blushed..Blushing.and arnav left...Smile

while all preparations going daadi asked for everything to be perfect.Smile..and while anjali said all of them will do it perfectly..and daadi said she is waiting for her baby to come ..when naani said it will be a girlSmile...and nk cutely said one on one free and can be twins...hahaa LOL...everyone left when daadi again asked why shyaam hasnt come.Confused..oh god why she is hell bent to see i am hundred percent sure that its shyaam plan...what a creepAngry..but noone responded to her qouestion when arnav asked naani to tell her truth or else he will tellConfused...but naani stopped him and said anjali is happy now and they can tell after janmashtmi..Confused

arnav went for meeting..while khushi in store room find the box which had the shankh.Smile..and a album fell on floor which had pics of arnav childhood and his parents Smile...she was just looking at it..Smile but the way she was seeing arnav parents pics was like as if she was trying to recognize them...and may be someone pic in album she might have known Confused ..but was trying to recollect...because khushi has seen arnav parent pic on their death anniversary last year Confused...but cant say anything...Confused

when daadi entered and blasted on her as how can he touch those things..Shocked.and while saying this she went downstairs and khushi said she didnt meant toConfused..but she was just yelling at her and when naani intervened daadi said how can she touch her sons memories and interfere in their life like thisConfused..she went on when anjali said she send khushi to bring that shankh..when daadi accused khushi for mishandling all those things related to her family deliberatelyAngry..and when khushi tried to explain daadi interrupts her Ouch

then comes again the power scene of the day...arnav was behind and listened everythingSmile..and saw khushi teared eyes..and roared like a lionClap...and said so what...even if khushi saw pics..she can go anywhere ..she can eat whatever she wants.. she can see which she likes..she is daughter in law of this house.Smile Clap...when daadi interrupted that she is daadi and elder in this house ..and ask him that whether her talks and her decisions for the house matters or not Confused..and arnav said he knows that and respects her Smile...but he said one thing he has said and will say it againSmile...and here comes the power dialogue of the day from arnav again when he said ....khushi meri patni hai...uska jo man chaahe wo kar sakti hai....bravo Clap...hail arnav Clap...and arnav left the place ..leaving everyone speechless...Embarrassed

well naani ..anjali , payal and nk were happy the way arnav took stand for khushi.Smile..while mami was bit shocked Confused...but who cares...LOL

One thing is sure shyaam is behind it Angry...and daadi might be knowing khushi..but how ..she was eight years old may be shyaam has told her about khushi Confused. why daadi is getting dominating like this when she never cared about them for 14 yearsAngry..but i just loved arnav ..he really proving to be a good husband now Embarrassed..i hope arshi stays like this...Smile 

No Precap... Cry

Credit: AR_EternalLove
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