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Top Scene of the Week - 13 August 2012

b5 Top 5 Scenes of the Week

Hey guys we are back with the Top scene of the week…..

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon:

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon6 150x150 Top 5 Scenes of the WeekThe new track, the new entry has added a tadka to the drama and with each passing day the show keeps getting better. Will this be just a surface track of will the makers go deeper exploring the different layers of this track is yet to be witnessed but so far so good and thus the scene from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is undoubtedly the clash of the titans (Read Arnav and Dadi). Dadi wants to know where Daamadji aka Shyaam is? Everybody has been trying to avoid this question but finally Arnav gives her the answer but not one she expected and wanted to hear. Arnav tell Dadi that he has thrown Shyaam out of Shantivan because Shyaam tried to hurt his sister, broke her trust and finishes of by telling that nobody uses Shyaam’s in Shantivan, and definitely not in front of Anjali and walks off. Dadi decides to not let Arnav walk off this time and follows him to his room, and questions him further they argue and a shocking revelation is made that his father too committed suicide. According to Arnav his dad committed suicide and forced his mother to do the same, but Dadi has a different version she tells Arnav’s mother was a weakling and she could not hold together her family together. Dadi’s accusations riles Arnav and he tells Dadi to stop as he cannot hear anything against his mother. Another revelation comes up where Dadi points out that Arnav’s decision 14 years back was wrong and so is the one he has taken today. Arnav tells her off by telling that his decision then as well now is right and then his dad was wrong and today Shyaam is. Arnav then swears that Shyaam will never come back to Shantivan. Now this is what we call FACE-OFF. The best part of this track is that ASR is still ASR, Dadi’s entry has not changed him or soften him one bit. He is still standing up for what he believes, he knows what his responsibilities when it comes to his family is and it remains his top priority even today. 14 years ago things had gone wrong and Arnav had turned overnight into ASR. He molded himself in such a way to fight the world and re-write his own destiny. All the qualities we have seen then we see even today. This new track has several interesting points to explore and we sure hope that its exploited to the best of the Makers ability.
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