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Under Assumption Lies Deception - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Love can be regarded as one of the strongest emotions in this world. Love can dissolve, alter, and evolve one with a complete new persona. The mighty ASR in Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon is going through the same metamorphic process of love.

It is amusing to see the arrogant & strictly atheist ASR suddenly endowing himself to all the rituals and ceremonies rejecting his own earlier reservations. His crashing into the bed with his wife or even the mischievous ASR who could propose Khushi to start the rituals from backwards saying, “We will start it from backwards…shuruwaat suhaag raat se karte hain!” were amazing but at the same time astounding to the fans. The most enjoyable part of this evolving ASR would be his bold and audacious nature where he claims his wife as his without considering the ritual specifics. He swooped off his wife after presenting  logical yet ‘technical’ arguments to his family. The new emerging Arnav Singh Raizada is busy these days to make his wife “technically” his.

The blooming love growing between him and Khushi is changing the mighty ASR for sure but whether this can be regarded as a change or not is a debatable fact. May be Arnav Singh Raizada was always meant to be like the way he is now but his dark and dreadful past gave birth to the insolent and rude ASR shielding the real Arnav. Khushi is only digging out the love that was deeply buried somewhere within his heart.

Sometimes Love brings about conversions within a man that are for a person’s own good. But sometimes Love gives rise to dangerous conclusions too. A very thin line exists between ‘Blind Love’ and ‘True Love’. And this thin line has been described vividly and beautifully by the CVs of  Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

Anjali out of her sheer ‘Blind Love’ for her husband Shyam, is deceiving her own brother. Her love is misleading her and she is betraying her own brother for her husband who had been a curse to the Raizada family. Little does she knows that the revelation of this betrayal would break her brother piercing his heart with may be the biggest agony ever. His belief that his ‘di’ is finally settling down forgetting her crude past and moving on towards the future will shatter into pieces. 

ASR under his current assumption would face the biggest deception in his life. It will be disheartening to watch the invincible ASR breaking down due to Anjali’s duplicity. While ‘True Love’ survives even the most grievous and ruthless times like Arnav and Khushi did, ‘Blind Love’ afflicts unbearable sorrow and pain to our loved ones.

The biggest drama of this deception is yet to be revealed to ASR . Hopefully, Arnav will find a way to get out of his agony through khushi’s immaculate love.

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Author: Saheli Goswami
Editor: Diana Lydia
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