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Blast from the Past - The Revealation


With the truth having come out as to what the connection between Garima and Dadi was in the past, I was thinking what effect would it have on the Arnav-Khushi relationship that has almost been a roller-coaster from word go.

 If I were to think logically, how would something that happened twenty years ago make a difference now? I mean Arnav fell in love with Khushi and continued to love her despite the fact that she was the woman who had betrayed his own sister. He may have hated her from the core of his heart, but that didnt mean he didnt love her at the same time either.

PreviewYes the past had to come out some day and create a havoc in everyone's lives. Arnav always considered the other woman in his fathers life responsible for his mother's death. He never saw her but he knew, had it not been for that argument his mother would have been with them today. When dadi said, your mother was a weak woman, what did she mean? Did she mean, her mother didn't have the guts to accept the fact that there was another woman in his father's life whom he valued more than the one he was married to? Is that a valid expectation? Well, for dadi anything is. Just the way she seems to not want to think Shyam could be in the wrong at the moment. She blames Khushi for the problems in Anjali's life, while Anjali herself seems to have no issues with Khushi. She further confirms this belief when she clearly holds the women responsible for the wrong in the life of a man whether it was Papa Mallik then and Shyam now. Dadiji has her own set of notions and no body dare question them.

Coming back to Arnav and Khushi. Well, so much time has passed. They have lived through the worst. I wont take sides because I blame both. If Arnav hurt her, Khushi chose not to walk out on him despite the pain she went through. Advocates of self-respect she may have many, but lets face it at the end of the day it is her life and she will live it the way she thinks makes her happiest. She has stuck by Arnav and shown time and again that though "woh dil ki baat bhi hindi main nahi bol sakte-Laad Governor" its the language of the heart both of them understand. She has managed to bring out the soft side in the man and it looks like it is here to stay atleast for a while now.

Various precursors in the episodes that went by indicate both of them are equally scared of losing one another at this point. Both have turned superstitious, both have turned sentimental. Arnav has recognized the importance of his engagement ring while to Khushi expressing her affection to Arnav through a kiss seemed just as natural.

PreviewSo now, will Arnav break all ties with Khushi for being a part of a family that was instrumental in the destruction of his own? Owing to his past behavior and record, he just might and he may ask her to get out. But something inside me this time says he wont. Ill tell you why? The Arnav I knew, would not cry in front of Khushi at the hospital exposing his insecurities and letting her know how he is afraid of everything he loves going away. Here it became evident he knew she never would. Otherwise he would never share that with her. When he lashed out at her for bringing Shyam back-it was not about her wanting to become his enemy and waging war, it was about her not having enough faith in him that he could take care of his sister as he had vowed to. When he called her back to apologise, it was him submitting to her and eventually when he apologised it showed he didn't want things to ever go wrong with her again since his world would become barren and forlorn.

PreviewArnav may not have become the gooey eyed lover boy, but he has made it pretty evident from his behavior that he need not prove his love time and again, and he doesn't need the world and rules that bind him to it to testify it either. He may sulk for a while because he will have to come to terms with the reality around him. But being the man that he is, he will only do what he thinks is right and at the moment nothing seems more important than the promise he has made to Khushi of being with her always since he loves her.

There may be a Shyam and a dadi who may play their cards well just in time to make things fall apart, but this time will indeed be Arnav's acid test. So fingers crossed and counting numbers! May the good times continue.

Pictures Credit: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Fanpage (Facebook)
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17 September 2012 at 00:14

i just wanna thank the person who had written this article....and just loved the way they analysed each nd every single thing.....even am praying god may the good times continue...fingers crossed...!!!!!!!!!!

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