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Episode Analysis and Symbolism - 26th September 2012


Episode Analysis:

Wow….What an amazing episode. Must say that Lalit Mohan has truly brought back the much needed growth to the show in just a span of what 3-4 days??? Kudos to the director for such a brilliant episode and good director does make all the difference !!!

The closeup shots, camera angles, the pace, extracting the best from the actors he did it all, and the show had it all. After such a wonderful episode how can we not analyze the episode….So after a short hiatus here we are back to analyzing the episode.

The showdown that began yesterday takes the episode to a new level when Dadi walks upto Khushi and removes the Kada that she had given to Khushi a few days back. Well it was much needed, who wants the acceptance of a highly flawed woman, even of she was an elder? Dadi claims Garima to ruin the lives of Anjali and Arnav 14 Years back, she has chosen top believe what she has perceived and decides that the wedding day, the wedding platform was the best time and place to take revenge, by wrecking the lives of Khushi and in the process Arnav’s. How different is Dadi from Garima ? Does she stop there, No she doesn’t walks upto the wedding altar and starts to put out the holy fire only to be stopped by Khushi. One thinks how worse can she get, but then i believe this is only the beginning, we have more coming from the Traffic Signal Dadi Bandwagon.

I am sure we all agree to the fact that Nani is one mature, sensible and logical character in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Being a Mother her daughter’s loss isnot something she can take lightly. Her questioning Garima was something that is required by her character to do…She does not blame Garima or spite venom. She just conveys that she does not know how to react after hearing the whole thing, and feels that had Garima told this to them before, maybe things would have taken a different route.

Today we saw both Nani and Dadi react to Garima, and the parallel they drew clearly sheds light on the upbringing of their Kids. After seeing the two today, i wouldn’t blame Mr. Mallik if he wandered away if a woman like Dadi did his upbringing on the other hand I truly feel that Mrs. Mallik would have been a really wonderful woman, her rash decision of the suicide is somthing that does not go straight with me….If she did commit suicide then i am sure she was driven to that extend , and if not then there is something more to the whole scenario than what meets the eye.

Who is the better sister Payal or Anjali, it would be unfair to compare but i am quite sure that i am echoing the voice of millions when i say “Payal”. We have always seen Payal stand up for her sister, her family, we have seen her that she does not care if her marriage with Aakash breaks off, with the truth of Shyaam coming out when she was completely in love with him .(Before Payash Marriage). Today once again she proves that she is an ideal daughter and ideal sister when she stood up by her mother and spoke in favor of her, and when she stood by Khushi as her pillar of strength. Payal aka Deepali Pansre will surely be missed if she leaves the show.

The scene between Garima and Sashi was beautifully done. The emotions were well captured and well displayed. Garima was frantically trying to make everybody believe that she did not know about Mr. Mallik being married or the father of 2 Kids. He dialogues to Shashi pleading him to believe seeking his forgiveness because something of her past was now endangering the present and future of their daughters was nicely done…The contrast was distinctly portrayed. Sashi was helpless but he believed Garima and the relief she gets in those few seconds when Sashi places his hand over Garima as a sign to confirm the same was amazing.

Initially i wasn’t sure if we would be able to get a glimpse of Arnav today, but there he was and what an amazing Performance by Barun. Thanks to the Team and LM that they did not just concentrate on Khushi, but made it a point that Arnav’s side of the pain, his conflict, his turmoil to be shown. Arnav is clearly torn in between his two “Kal’s” his past wala Kal being his Mom and his future wala Kal being his Wife,/Love/Khushi. 14 years of pain and misery is not something one can forget easily and the promises he made to Khushi, he took for her is also not something he can overlook. The last part where he vents out his anger and screams out and cries bitterly has surely refreshed the happenings of last time when something similar happened. So was this a loop closure is something that is yet to be see, last time he perceived things in the wrong way and punishes Khushi for it, this time after hearing Dadi’s side of the story will he chose to punish Khushi for something that is not her fault??

And finally the star of the day was none other than Khushi….Sanaya was simply Fab today, actually Fab would be an understatement. From her blind belief and faith that Arnav will surely come, to it slowly quavering, she looking for some proof something to hold onto so that her trust in Arnav would not deter. She asks Payal, she assures her family and does everything in her will to make sure that her Love, her faith would win. Its always been in Khushi’s character to believe the people she loves, to truth them and moreover today it was the truth of their love. Every emotion, every expression was flawlessly portrayed by Sanaya.


When Khushi sat at the mandap the particular scene showed the flames engulfing Khushi completely….It represents her present condition where the whole wait was like burning her alive…….Fire symbolizes destruction, it getting extinguished when all the damage was done has nothing to do with it being an Ill Omen of stuffs like that.Fire is the only element that purifies everything and does not get maligned. The entire past brought around at this time has actually put Arnav and Khushi’s love to test….will they pass or not is all that is set too see.

Khushi’s Symbolic Lehenga Red Pink and Green:


The color is associated with Femininity and also the color of innocence…If Arnav leaves Khushi stranded at the altar even of for a few mins/hours it would be the Killing of her innocence…


Apart from it being the bridal color, it is also the color of passion and the color of danger…This was the color that came over her as the pallu, as sign of bleeding heart perhaps???


It represents eternity, well being, growth and harmony. Green was the color she wore over her head which means that things will surely take a positive course…

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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