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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14th September 2012 [Episode 342] Written Update


Episode starts with Arnav kissing Khushi’s hand and Payal & Aakash interfering there. Aakash tells Arnav, actually Nani was calling outside. They go outside now.

Manorama asks khushi and Arnav why did they so much time. Payal and Aakash are smiling. Nk tells Manorama, they must be busy in something.

Haldi ritual begins now. Khushi and Arnav sit down facing each other. But as ritual, they keep a transparent duppata between them. Arnav asks what is this? Anjali says, bride and groom do haldi’s ritual separately in their home, but we broke that so this dupatta will keep you separate. Nk tells Arnav, don’t worry increases when you’re far away from each other. Shyam is asking everyone for water, but no one takes glass from him. Anjali feels bad seeing that, but Shyam tells her he is fine. Shyam takes camera now and starts recording the function.

Shyam hides his camera and face seeing Khushi’s father. Garima tells Khushi’s father, now Shyam has changed. Khushi said that he cares for Anjali a lot. Garima tells him to forget everything. Shyam says in his mind, I hope this buddha (old man) don’t create any problem for me. Anjali tells that they should wait for Dadi, but Nani says she said to do everything on time. Garima gets scared hearing Dadi’s name. Rituals continue.. Khushi takes blessings from her father and he puts haldi on Khushi. Khushi’s father is staring at Shyam for some reason and Shyam is also hiding seeing him. Now Buaji puts haldi on Khushi and Anjali puts haldi on Arnav. read full updates every day with pictures only at . Arnav looks at Khushi & Buaji and asks Anjali, what are you doing? Anjali gets scared and asks if she put too much haldi. Arnav says, no.. look at Khushi.. you put haldi like that right? Anjali puts more haldi on Arnav then. Khushi smiles seeing that. Buaji tells Khushi shines like the moon. Anjali says, Arnav is no less.. he also shines like the sun. Buaji then puts goggles on Khushi and says, let your sun come.. Khushi is ready. Nk says, if they both shine that much then who will turn off the lights in night. Everyone laughs. Manorama puts haldi on Arnav now.

Khushi and Arnav look at each other and smile. In the mean time, Shyam records Garima in camera. He wonders why Garima got tensed hearing Dadi’s name. Buaji tries to put haldi on Nk but he runs away from there.

Dadi is in a car and she tells drive to drive faster.

Haldi ritual continues.. Shyam is looking at Khushi from camera. Nk stars at him so he moves his camera from Khushi. Nani asks Manorama to call Dadi and ask where she is. Garima again gets tensed and Shyam notices that. Dadi arrives at Khushi’s house. Garima says to herself, I should leave from here before she comes. And at the same time, Dadi enters Khushi’s house. Garima gets worried and tries to run away from there but Buaji takes her back to the function. Dadi puts haldi on Khushi and Arnav. Garima leaves from there and Shyam sees her running away from there. Buaji puts haldi on Manorama.. Manorama puts on buaji.

Break 1..

Arnav tries to pull down the dupatta so he can see Khushi clearly but Nk and Aakash are holding duppata and don’t let him pull it down. Nk says, it’s not easy.. priest punished you and that’s why there will be ban on your suhagraat. Hearing suhagraat, Khushi and Arnav smile. Arnav says Nk, buaji is behind you. Nk leaves dupatta and runs from there. Arnav then tells Aakash, everyone is busy.. Payal is alone.. you should spend some time with her instead holding dupatta here. Aakash also leaves dupatta and goes to Payal. Arnav takes Khushi somewhere.

Buaji is searching for Garima. She finally sees her standing on a side. She calls Garima to come and meet Dadi.

Break 2..

Garima doesn’t go. Buaji tells Dadi, she seems busy in work and there is too much noise.. maybe she can’t hear. Buaji then takes Dadi to her. She tells Garima, look whose here.. Arnav’s dadi but Garima is not turning and hiding her face. But in end she turns around. Before Dadi sees Garima, Manorama comes there and puts haldi on Garima’s whole face. Dadi cannot recognize her now.

Episode ends.

Tomorrow’s Maha Episode Precap:

Khushi tells Arnav, if you noticed then they put on my shoulder, legs, hands, face, etc.. and that’s because of.. Arnav says, I know and he starts romancing with her.
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