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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 4th September 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Arnav and Khushi’s hug. Khushi tells Arnav, you are not a failure. You always kept Anjali happy.. it’s just sometimes we don’t have control over certain things. Whatever happened with you parents, whatever happened with Anjali.. you can’t change but you can stay with Anjali during this bad phase of time. Arnav says, I can’t do it. Khushi says, Di needs you the most right now. Arnav says, no I can’t see her in this condition. He says, what will I tell her? I can’t do this. Khushi then holds his hand and says, I promise you.. whatever you want to say to Anjali will come out automatically. I am very confident about it.

Shyam has came to the hospital and he goes to Anjali’s room. Dadi is sitting beside Anjali. Anjali and Dadi both get happy seeing Shyam. Anjali then tries to tell Shyam that they lost their child. Shyam acts like as if he doesn’t know anything and asks Anjali, how did you let this happen? It was your responsibility right? Shyam then cries and Anjali hugs him. He says, now from where will I bring back my Raj Kumari? Please bring back Raj Kumari. Anjali apologizes him and says I don’t know how all this happened. Shyam then says, if I was with you then I would never let this happen.. it’s all my fault.. I should have never let you stay alone. He says, I can’t see you sad like this.. I can’t even think that our child won’t come to this world.

Dadi tells Shyam to control his emotions. Shyam still carries on his drama and says I brought payals for her and now she will never wear them. Anjali’s condition is getting worse.

Arnav and Khushi are coming to Anjali’s room. Shyam tells Dadi that he wll go and see the doctor. Shyam has an evil smile on his face. Khushi tells Arnav that she is with him and they both will take care of Anjali. As soon as Shyam opens the door, him and Arnav see each other. Arnav and Khushi are shocked seeing him there. Arnav gets mad and says, how dare you? Khushi tries to calm Arnav down but he doesn’t stop. He holds Shyam’s collar and pulls him out of the room. Shyam apologizes to Arnav and asks him to forgive him. read full updates with pictures only at . He says, I just came because I couldn’t stop myself when I heard about all this. Arnav asks him, who gave you permission to come here? Shyam says, you’re forgetting that she is my wife… that was my child. Arnav leaves his collar now. Shyam says, only your Di didn’t lose her child, I also lost my child.. I am her father. Arnav gives him a tight slap and says you’re nothing.. Dadi comes there and asks Arnav to stop it.

Dadi says, he’s Anjali’s husband.. he has all rights to come here. Arnav says he has no right.. today Di is in this condition only because of him. Arnav holds Shyam’s collar again and says, if he stays here for one more minute then.. Shaym asks then what? You will hit me right? Then hit me… I am dead already.. do you even know the pain of losing your child? I know it and now I won’t go anywhere leaving Anjali. Arnav gets mad and is about to give him a punch on his face but Dadi shouts and stops Arnav. Khushi is shocked seeing all this. Arnav then tells Shyam, don’t you dare to take Anjali’s name from your mouth… I won’t even let you be around my Di.. living with her is too far. Arnav asks Shyam to leave and not to dare to come back. Shyam says no I won’t go anywhere. This time Arnav punches him very hard (5 to 10 punches). Blood is coming out from Shyam’s mouth. Khushi and Dadi stop Arnav. Dadi tells Arnav, you can’t treat Shyam like this… Anjali needs him the most.. may be you don’t see what I see.. Shyam loves Anjali so much.. and we will have to call him back to home. Arnav says, my di would never need person like this.. as long as I am alive.. this guy won’t step in to my house. Shyam is walking away from there but Dadi stops him. Shyam tells Dadi, I am going.. please take care of my Rani Saheba. He leaves from there.

While leaving, Shyam is speaking to himself.. leave Dadi.. you can’t get me back to that house. He says, no one can stop me from coming in to Raizada house and this is my first move towards reaching that goal. No matter how much Arnav tries to stop me.. I love all kind of challenges. Whether he wants or no.. I will end up coming to Raizada house.

Dadi tells Aranv not to take any decisions in hurry. Arnav doesn’t listen and enters in Anjali’s room. He tells doctor, I want to take Anjali back to home. Doctor tells him, she is very weak and she needs to be under observation. Arnav says all these treatments can be done at home too. Doctor says okay as you wish. Dadi asks Arnav, what has happened to you? Don’t you see how weak Anjali is? Arnav says, I know very well what I am doing. Di is going to home and that’s it.

At Raizada house, Aakash is trying to make Nani eat something. But Nani is sad and she refuses to eat. NK is also trying to cheer Manorama but she is also sad.

Break 1..

Arnav, Khushi and Dadi return to home with Anjali on wheel chair. Nani asks Arnav why he brought her home back that fast..she seems so weak. Dadi says, Arnav doesn’t listen to anyone… in this condition Anjali needs doctor but Arnav thinks she should stay at home. Arnav requests Dadi to stop. He then tells Khushi to go with him. They take Anjali to her room.

Break 2..

They put Anjali on her bed. Manorama asks Arnav but what happened in hospital that you brought her back home? Nurse tells everyone to leave and let Anjali rest. Everyone leaves.

As soon as they come out, Arnav says I want to clear you all… no one and I mean no one will talk about bringing Shyam back to this house, never again. Arnav leaves from there to get medicines.

Arnav now comes to Anjali’s room and sits beside her. He holds her hand and thinks about how Anjali was happy because of her child.

Episode ends with Arnav looking at Anjali.


Nurse is giving food to Anjali and Shyam comes there. Nurse asks him how did you come here and starts calling out everyone. Anjali tells Nurse to stop. Shyam then requests nurse to let him stay with her for 10 minutes. Nurse says okay and leaves from there.
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