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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 5th September 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Arnav in Anjali’s room. Khushi comes there with a servant and tells him to take Anjali’s child swing. Anjali opens her eyes at the same time and starts crying. Arnav hugs her and tells her to rest.

At Khushi’s house. Buaji tells Garima about Anjali’s incident and both are sad. Buaji tells Garima that they should go to hospital to see Anjali. Garima gets nervous. Buaji is taking her forcefully and at the same time they get call from Khushi. Khushi tells Buaji they have brought Anjali back to home and nurse said she needs rest. Buaji says, okay we will come tomorrow then and tells Khushi to take care of both Anjali and Arnav.

Back to Raizada house, Arnav comes out of Anjali’s room. Khushi tells him, everything will be fine. I know you will handle everything. Dadi comes there and says, that I can see how well Arnav is handling everything. Whole family is there now. Dadi asks Arnav what he is trying to prove by bringing Anjali to home like this even after doctor said she needs to be in hospital. Arnav says, I don’t to have to prove anything. I do what I want.. Di is my responsibility and I won’t let anyone hurt her, even a little. Dadi says, whom you are talking about.. he is her husband and Anjali is his responsibility, not yours. He has all rights to stay with Anjali in this condition. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav gets mad and says, he has lost all his rights.. you can forgive him for what he did but I will never be able to forgive. Dadi says what if in the mean time, Anjali tries to do something that your mother did.. then will you be able to forgive yourself? Arnav says, she won’t do anything like that. Dadi now says, you think by punching him you will remove from Anjali’s heart and mind? Everyone is shocked listening that. Khushi goes to Arnav and whispers to him, you’re angry right now .. Arnav looks at Dadi and says, I believe in telling what I feel. Dadi says, then I want to know why you’re keeping Shyam away from Anjali. No one loves her more than him… I have seen that love in his eyes. Nani tells both to stop fighting for the sake of Anjali. Arnav says, one minute.. and asks Dadi you seen all that love in Shyam’s eyes in one day? You never lived with us and you didn’t know Shyam… how are you so confident in first meeting? (good point) Dadi says, because I know him more than you.. he cried to me and asked for Anjali. Arnav asks Dadi, he came to meet you at Aashram?

Dadi says, yes and he explained me what’s all going on this house. Dadi continues, he never said a single bad word about you and you? He only said that he wants to stay with Anjali who is going to be mother of his child and whom he loves most and other misunderstandings.. Arnav gets mad and says there was no misunderstanding. His truth was revealed in front of everyone.. he will never come back to this house. Arnav then says, do you even know he tried to kill me? Dadi says, I don’t believe that… you made mistake before and you can make mistake again. NK and Nani say Arnav is right but Dadi asks for proofs. Arnav says, I know truth and I don’t need any proofs. He tells Dadi not to do mistake that he did before. Dadi says, you don’t know the truth.. you just believing in what has been shown to you. Arnav says, I can tell same thing to you. Dadi says, whether you believe or no.. I have came to save this house. I couldn’t do much before 14 years but this time I won’t let anything bad happen to this house because you can’t see what’s truth and what’s lie. Arnav shouts NO and says, you were wrong that time and you’re wrong this time too. Dadi asks him, what do you mean?

Khushi tries to stop Arnav but he continues and tells Dadi, you didn’t know what’s right and wrong for us back then and you still don’t know what is right and wrong for us. I am taking care of Anjali till now and I can take care of her in future too. You left us then why you came back? You should have stayed in Aashram only. Dadi is shocked hearing that. Arnav is walking away from there and then he stops and says, there will be a tight security around our home from tomorrow and Shyam will never come back here. He leaves.

Nurse is telling Anjali to eat something.. she needs to eat but Anjali is refusing. Shyam comes and says, leave it nurse.. I will give her food. Nurse asks him, how are you here? and starts shouting. Anjali tells nurse, he is my husband. shyam requests nurse just to give him 10 mins. Nurse says okay, only ten minutes, and leaves from there.

Shyam gives soup to Anjali and this time she takes it happily.

Arnav is in his room. Khushi gives him medicines but Arnav refuses. Khushi says, please for Di.. and he takes it. Arnav is angry and says, I hate that man Khushi. Khushi tries to calm him down. She then says, after seeing Shyam like that last night, I think he is also sad for losing his child. Arnav says so? Khushi says, so I was thinking if we allow him to see Di… Arnav says, may be you didn’t hear what I say downstairs.. he won’t come back to this house.

Shyam now gives medicines to Anjali and says, I wish I could tell you that I will fix everything.. I wish we could start everything over but these people won’t let that happen. He asks her to promise him that she will take care of her properly. Anjali says but I need you. Shyam says, I can’t live without you either.. and your health is most important to me. I know you don’t listen to anyone at times. Anjali says, I always listen to you. Shyam says but what if I can’t meet you. I know Arnav is trying his best to keep me away from you. He hates me more than he loves you.

Break 1..

Shyam continues, even if I am not there.. you have to take care of yourself, for me. If I was here then I would take care of you personally but my bad luck. Anjali says, please stay with me. What if I don’t eat or take medicines from anyone else then you can come here na? Shyam says, really if that can happen then.. and then he says no.. this way your health can be affected. Anjali says, leave all that on me. Shyam says I can’t risk your health but yes I can do anything to live with you. Anjali says, I know and I can do anything to live with you as well. Shyam says that he should leave now and leaves.

Break 2..

While leaving Shyam is smiling and says to Anjali, whatever your family and Arnav believe but I love you a lot.. I am dying from inside by living away from you and that’s why I come to meet you like this and will keep coming.. no matter if I have to lose my life.

Arnav tells Khushi, he can make fool to everyone but not me. I know now how smart he is. Khushi says, but anyone can change after losing his child. Arnav says, really? you think he can change? Khushi says, all I know is that we shouldn’t do injustice with anyone. Arnav says, exactly.. if anyone talks again about him in this house then it would be injustice.. okay? Khushi says, ok if you think he can’t change then may be you’re right but I want Di to be fine.. she is so weak that she can’t even get up herself. Arnav says, I know.. I never seen her in this condition. And at the same time, Anjali comes to Arnav’s room.

Anjali is struggling while she’s walking. Arnav and Khushi run to her. Khushi asks her why did you come here? You could have called us there. Anjali says she is fine. Whole family comes there now. Manorama says, this is miracle. Arnav says to her, you look so much better now. NK asks what happened in 1 hour? Arnav asks her if she needs anything. Anjali says yes, please return me Shyam. Everyone is shocked and Dadi is happy.
Episode ends.

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