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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Episode Analysis - 3rd September 2012 - Episode 333

After days of imperfect episodes, today’s episode was utterly PERFECT!!

The episode kick starts from where the Nurse informs that the Raizada’s can meet Anjali. So everybody barges into Anjali’s room and is finally waiting for her to wake up..

We know Anjali is a person who lives in denial, and once when her family members inform her about her accident, about her MC she denies all of it, she refuses to believe any of it. In fact she consoles them, and tells them that her Princess is fine and that the doctor knew nothing. What more can I say than, character consistency at its best. It was her way of convincing herself that her baby was very much fine. Three important things to be noticed in the scene is that out of the entire lot it was Khushi towards who she turned. First by asking Khushi to make everybody understand that nothing was wrong, then literally yelling at her not to talk nonsense and when crying her heart out. This goes on to show that Anjali has nothing against Khushi. No ill feelings, no anger nothing. She is not being dual face plus Anjali would never hesitate to emotionally fall upon Khushi, if and when needed. So maybe when the truth is out, when she finally comes to accept the reality of her husband the person she would fall upon could be Khushi.

They have been there for each other, and share a very deep bond, probably that’s the reason why the only voice that fell upon Amjali’s ears was the silent words uttered by Arnav. He said nothing, but his eyes ended up saying everything. Anjali realized that her baby was no more, and cried her heart out. I don’t think anybody would have failed to connect with Anjali today and if they did, what more can we say than Better luck next time???

Anjali not only went through everything that Arnav went through she had other issues and suffered more. Every relation she considered her own, has simply slipped away with time except that of Arnav. She lost her mother, her father, her fiancé, her husband and now her child. Daljeet Bannot was simply awesome today and this surely is her best performance till date. The factor that worked for the scene was that it was emotionally packed and better scripted.

Had it been any other situation Arnav would have been there by his sister, he would not even think twice, but it’s his thought, his guilt that he failed, failed to protect his sister that made him not enter Anjali’s room when she wanted him the most. He tried to walk away, but was stopped by Khushi. It was indeed a treat to watch the character growth showcased in Arnav stay intact. Arnav and Khushi have accepted their love for each other and that’s probably the reason he did not hide his tears away from her, the reason why Arnav did not hesitate to open up in front of Khushi and seek comfort in her.

Today the star of the show was Hands Down “Barun Sobti” His expressions, voice modulation, disgust in his voice when talking about Shyaam and His Dad, angst while recollecting the events of that fateful night and pain when talking about his mom, and his di was so apparent and to the “T” . Today when he opened up in front of Khushi, this was not the Mighty ASR we were used to seeing it was Arna all the way. The same Arnav who decided to gather the scattered lives of his and his sister and start fresh, for which he molded himself into ASR promising to never show up again.

There was nothing much for Khushi today, yet she had the biggest role to play. She had to play the role of ASR’s pillar of strength. In his entire life people depended on ASR but here he was today, all lost, calling himself a failure, unable to figure where he went wrong, looking for assurance of any kind, support and comfort of any kind and she was here right beside him, listening as he poured his heart out, ready to embrace him, even before he asked. I think that aspect was beautifully highlighted, just like the one with Anjali.

Yes I know we have not mentioned anything about the extended version of the past revelation But look out for this space as we will be back with an entire write-up on Arnav’s Past. Apart from that the entire episode was nicely done and looks like this week would turn out to be a very eventful one!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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