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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 344] 17th September 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Arnav winning the ‘passing the pillow’ game and now he can give any punishment he wants to Khushi, as that’s what they decided before the game. He takes her to a room. He goes closer to her and Khushi’s heart beat gets faster. She says, I won’t do it. Arnav says, don’t you trust me? On the other hand, Dadi is coming downstairs to give Khushi’s father medicine to Garima. Garima is still there searching for the medicine.

Arnav puts a black cloth on Khushi’s eyes and takes her back to the living room. Everyone is laughing and Khushi takes off that black cloth. She asks everyone, why are you all laughing? Arnav shows her face to her in a mirror. Khushi gets shocked and shouts. Arnav has done mustache and stuff on her face. He says, you look really beautiful and to save you from others ‘kaali nazar’ I thought to do this. Khushi gets mad at Arnav and starts running behind him. While she’s running behind him, Dadi comes there and Khushi clashes with her.

Everyone suddenly gets quiet. Dadi looks at Khushi and says, I want to pray.. will I get any peace in this house for some time? Everyone leaves from there. Khushi is also leaving but Dadi stops her and asks where is your mother? Khushi points to Garima, who is searching medicine, and says she is right there.

Break 1..

Khushi leaves. Dadi goes to give medicine to Garima. Garima turns around and finally they come face to face. Both are shocked. Shyam is hiding behind a pillar and watching them.

*Flashback scene*
Dadi is telling Garima, aren’t you ashamed of doing all this with a married man? Didn’t you think about his wife, children? You took away everything from me.. from my family. Garima says, trust me.. I didn’t know he’s married.. he never told me.
*Flashback scene ends*

Dadi says, you? You’re that same Garima.. I can never forget that face. You’re that woman… Shyam is laughing. Dadi continues, how dare you to come in this house? Garima asks her to listen to her but Dadi slaps her.

Khushi and Arnav are in a room. Khushi tells him, you love to bother me right? I didn’t pick up your phone.. so you disconnected my phone.. and now this? Arnav is cleaning her face.. he asks beside bothering you.. what could be other reason to clean your face? Maybe your face is cleaned already but I am still.. Khushi looks in the mirror and her face is cleaned already. She says, next time I won’t get in any of your traps and I will run away that you won’t be able to reach me. She’s leaving from there. Arnav holds her hand and stops her. Arnav seems serious and He says, don’t say this again.. promise me. Khushi promises him that she won’t say such thing again. She asks him if everything is okay. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Khushi tells him, no problem.. you can tell whenever you want. She then hugs him. Arnav then says, I want to show you something which is Nk’s room. He says, I don’t want anyone to know so they go from the backside.

Arnav and Khushi come somewhere in a car. Arnav gets down first and he opens door for Khushi and forwards his hand to her. Khushi now comes out. He says, when I was young.. we came here with mum and she said.. she wants to show us something.

*Flashback scene*
Arnav’s mum is telling him and Anjali, small tree becomes a big tree one day and gives life to all of us. This small tree will also become big one day. Arnav asks her mum, when this will become big tree? His mum tells him, have patience chote.
*Flashback scene ends*

Arnav and Khushi look at that same tree which has got huge now. Arnav gets emotional. Khushi holds his hand. Arnav says, I and Anjali used to come here every summer to see if that small tree because big one, but mum always said have patience. And then finally it became big tree. Khushi asks, is that why you love trees so much? Arnav says, yes.. mum used to love gardening. I like it too because whenever I do gardening I feel like am closer to mum. He says, this is special place .. I don’t bring anyone here. When I come here.. I feel like my mum is somewhere here.

Back to Raizada house, Dadi says, I should have understood.. it’s you who is hiding from me. You took away all happiness from this house. you took away Arnav’s father. Garima says, this is not the truth. Dadi asks her to stop and says, first you trapped Arnav’s father with your love and still you were not satisfied so you sent your daughters in this house. Shyam is still listening and laughing. Dadi says, you sent them to destroy my grand children’s lives. Garima says, i didn’t know that… Dadi shuts her, and says I don’t want to hear anything. You and your daughters succeeded till now because I wasn’t here. But now not anymore.. I won’t even let your shadow come on this family. You destroyed my family.. now I will destroy your and your daughters’ lives.

Break 2..

Back to Khushi and Arnav. Both are very emotional. Arnav says, all these rituals.. everything that we are doing to be one is on its place.. But by bringing you here today, we are one already. You’re my wife from today.. daughter-in-law of my mum. Khushi smiles and is very happy. Khushi now remembers someone left a rose to her on her birthday. Arnav says, yes I brought that.

Dadi tells Garima, nothing is going to change now by you telling anything or doing anything. Because of you, my bahu and son committed suicide. And now I will make you suffer.. you daughters.. Garima gets down on her knees and says, what’s fault of my daughters in this? Dadi says, there is no point of asking for forgiveness now.. because of you Arnav’s and Anjali’s childhood destroyed.. our family lost happiness.. even after these many years.. those incidents don’t let Arnav and Anjali live happily. Garima apologizes her and begs her not to punish her daughters for this. She says, swear of God.. I didn’t know he was married. Dadi says, you’re lying. Garima says, for real I didn’t know Arnav and Anjali are his children… I didn’t know that until I met you… please don’t involve my children in all this. Dadi says, I will.. you spoiled my children’s lives.. and there can’t be better punishment there for you than this. Dadi says, it’s good I saw you before marriage.. now this marriage won’t happen. Garima is shocked.

Episode ends.

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