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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 346] 19th September 2012 Written Update


The show begins with everyone planning for Sangeet. Suddenly Khushi comes and they lie they are talking about food trying to hide their plan of Sangeet.

Khushi goes to Arnav and tells something is going in this house, everyone is in it for sangeet. Arnav smiles. Khushi drags Arnav to sangeet place and tells Akash she needs to go inside behind the curtains. Akash says you are not allowed. Suddenly light goes off… and show begins. Arnav says relax.

NK comes as anchor and presents DULHA & DULHAN… everyone comes forward and congratulates Arnav-Khushi. Aranv-Khusi gets seated. Nani ask Anjali where is DADI. Anjali says SHYAM has gone to bring DADI.

DADI finds the photo of Garima/Arnav’s Dad. Shyam tells i have already known Garima is that other women. I wanted to show the photo to you yesterday, but you met her. Shyam tells DADI why did you allow this marriage to happen even after knowing all these.
DADI simply keeps queit.

At function Manorama and NK are telling how Arnav-Khushi meet and their love story.

Shyam ask DADI why? DADI reveals she is playing game, dont get fooled. I will not forgive Garima and her daughters and they will pay.

Shyam is anxious, he can’t wait for DADI to do anything ? He is furious and cant let go this oppurtunity.

Break 1..

The musical function begins with Payal and Bauji dancing on some tunes.
Suno Suno Dulha walo…

Kya Pyaar Karega Hamri Bitiya Ko

Then comes Manorama & NK in reply

Dulhan patiyala hai…
Kya Pyaar KAregi Hamri Bituwa Ko

DADI and Shyam comes to hte function. She sits along with Garima on same bench. Garima is scared, DADI looks into her eyes and says everything is ok.
Garima tries to get up, but DADI holds her hands and once again says everything is ok.

Shyam is angry, what is DADI doing.
Suddenly a servant hands Shyam an envelope. It has same Garima-Arnav’s father’s photo refined from old photo. He calls photo studio ask then why did they hand photo to someone else? He scolds them… and plans to use that photo very soon.

Break 2..

After call ends. Anjali comes and ask Shyam what is he doing. He says he had some work. Anjali takes envelope from Shyam’s hand and throws on the table.
Anjali takes her to function. Shyam is worried for enevelope.

At function. NK acts and Arnav. Manorama acts as Khushi in musical act of how Arnav-Khushi met. Arnav-Khushi ki aawo sunaye tumhe storiyaan…

Episode ends..

No Precap !!
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