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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 349] 24th September 2012 Written Update


Buaji and Garima talking about the wedding preparations, Buaji then wonders what Khushi is up to, she is on the phone to caterers talking about ice cream and making sure there are sugar free food available for Arnav and that she wants roses for her wedding. Buaji tries to intervene but Khushi interrupts and tells them their clothes are ready. Buaji tells Khushi to calm down its her wedding. Khushi says she knows and her stuff is ready as well. Garima says whether they have seen a bride like this, Buaji says well Arnav is not a normal groom either.

Anjali is helping with preparation, NK is fast asleep and everyone is trying to wake him up, Payal asks if he watched all the hindi films. He says he is researching all the rituals to take part. He asks where the horse is because the youngest member rides the horse with the groom. Anjali says that this is a modern wedding so it will be a car. NK has a bag with him and Anjali asks about it, he replies he has stolen the shoes as per the film, Mami says he cant steal the shoes, he asks how much money he should ask, Anjali informs that the girl side steal the shoes and the guys have to protect them. Payal asks for the shoes stating she will keep them safe.

Nani enquires about Akash and Arnav, anjali replies they have gone for a fitting. She then enquires about Dadi but she is not seen anywhere.

Garima gives jhumkes to Khushi. They have an emotional moment, Garima tells her when she brought her she was very scared that Khushi will not accept her, but that day Khushi cried for her mom, Khushi hugged her and went to sleep. Garima thanks Khushi for accepting her as her mother, even though she is aunt she tried her best to be her mother. Khushi says Garima cant cry, she is a different type of bride and Garima is a different type of mother.

Nani comes and asks why Dadi is not ready and she cant wear white to the wedding. Dadi continues with her prayers and does not answer.

Preparations are still on going in the RM house. Akash and NK heloing with the clothes, Arnav does not want to wear the pagri. Khushi calls Arnav but NK takes the call , he replies that if Anrav had the phone he will be busy with calls, Anrav wants to get the phone but NK doesn’t give it, he tells khushi that Arnav is busy. Anjali talks to Khushi about getting ready. Anrav wants to speak but no one gives the phone to him, Khushi wants to speak to Arnav but no one passes the phone. Nani tells them that Arnav will be coming with Dadi. Arnav finally gets the chance to speak to Khushi, he asks if she is okay. (seems like Barun has a sore throat) he asks if she is okay after yesterday, she replies there isn’t a moment they spent together that she regrets. She tells him to come on time and not to make her wait at least today. He agrees to come on time. Anjali telling Arnav that Khushi will now be his after today.

Someone comes with a saree for Dadi to wear to the wedding.

Khushi is looking beautiful in her attire. She is wearing her bangles and saying she got those bangles from Dadi and the Arnav bought her bangles as well. She hears the car and tries to run to see but Payal tells her to calm down and act like a bride. Khushi asks Nani were Arnav is and Nani replies only they have come, Anjali states that Arnav will come with all the band baja in style, and only then will Arnav come to her. Buaji telling that Khushi has been doing everything herself, Nani tells her to remain the same. NK comes and says something to Arnav, Khushi confused asking why he should hide the shoes, Anjali then asks about the explanation that she had give him. NK saying he is not enjoying any rituals. Buaji tells him that he should get married, NK gets a shock. Buaji saying no one here knows who is from groom’s side and who is from bride’s side. Anjali tells Khushi this moment is the most apprehensive, only a small time left and they will be together. Khushi then accidently makes the bangles fall on the floor and she is shocked to see this.

Arnav has a bracelet in his hand and is about to leave when Dadi comes in, he enquires why she isn’t ready, and she says she will not go or get ready. She wants to tell Arnav something Dadi says they must talk now, he wants to speak in the car, but she wants to do it the discussion now. He wants to get to the wedding. Dadi says that after hearing what she has to say he can decide whether to get married today or not. Arnav is getting angry at Dadi and is about to leave but Dadi stops him. He tells her to stop and Khushi is waiting for her. Dadi wants to show Anrav the picture, Arnav saying he doesn’t want to play games with Dadi and the other day she accepted her. Dadi tells Arnav that after knowing the truth he would not want to marry Khushi, Arnav replies if that’s the case then he doesn’t want to know such a truth that will separate him with Khushi. Arnav says he will not tolerate Khushi being humiliated, Dadi then asks what about the humiliation her mother will get if he marries Khushi. Dadi then tells Arnav that Garima is the reason his mother and father killed themselves. Arnav is shocked and then Dadi shows the picture of Garima and her dad.


Dadi asking whether he will not marry Khushi and spend the rest of his life with her.
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