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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 352] 27th September 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Arnav at place where he had planted plants with his mother and screaming. He’s crying. He then sees a rose which reminds him of his mother. How blood started coming out from his mother’s finger and he broke that plant of roses. His mother asks him what are you doing, chote? He says, this rose hurt you and now I will destroy it. She says, no son, you don’t do this.. this flower hasn’t matured fully and if you break now then it will die right? It needs lots of care and love right now. He says, I can’t love any thing that has hurt my mother. She says, sometimes we can’t see the difference in right and wrong, but always remember.. don’t hurt something that’s near your heart. She continues, see in this case, mistake was its thorn’s but you are taking out anger on rose, and you got hurt too in this. He says, I don’t care. She says, you should never hurt to someone that loves you and whom you love as well. You shouldn’t punish someone else for others mistake. He says, for me only you matter.. I don’t care.

Back to present. Arnav is holding a rose in his hand and thinking about Khushi. He then throws away that rose and leaves from there. On the other side, Khushi is thinking about Arnav and how he said that him and Khushi are one already.. Khushi is his wife and his mother’s daughter-in-law already. She is still sitting in mandap. Garima goes to her and asks Khushi to forgive her. She says, I tried a lot not to come between your marriage but.. Khushi turns away her face from Garima.

Arnav is driving his car somewhere.

Nk is trying to call Arnav but he’s not picking up. Buaji signals Payal to go to Khushi. Payal asks Khushi to go to home but she doesn’t move or say anything. Buaji also goes to Khushi now and says, he won’t come.. until when you will wait. If he had to come then he would be here by now. Khushi says, he will definitely come, buaji. He promised me.. I will have to wait for him. Manorama interferes and says, you should go to your home. It’s the end of you and your mother’s game. Anjali tries to stop Manorama but she says, why should I stop? Arnav is not going to come now. Khushi still says, Arnav will definitely come. Shyam says in his mind, say as many as times you want but he will not come.

Garima and Buaji are forcing now Khushi to get up, but she says no.. I must wait for him. Buaji says, have you gone crazy? Your Arnav won’t come here now. He left you alone here in mandap. Khushi says, he can’t do this. Payal says, everyone tried calling Arnav but he didn’t answer to anyone. He knows you’re waiting here right? If he wanted to come then he would have came here long time ago. They are forcing Khushi to go home. Khushi gets mad this time and says, I can’t go home. If Arnav comes here and doesn’t see me here, then he will think that I have no faith in him. I can’t break his faith. Today is my marriage.. I can’t go. Buaji now slaps Khushi.

Buaji says, why are you not understanding? Get out of this madness of love and face the truth. Arnav won’t come. Everyone has left from here. Fire also has gone off now. Khushi still doesn’t give up. She says, there is still some smoke left in fire.. I and Arnav were going to get married in front of this marriage and I won’t leave from here until this fire completely goes out. My heart says, he will definitely come.

Arnav is still driving.. faster and faster and thinking about his mother’s incident. He also thinks about his moments with Khushi. How she cares so much about him.. how he worries so much for her. And now he thinks about the moment when Garima’s truth came out. He seems helpless and doesn’t know what to do. He’s driving carelessly thinking about all these incidents.

Now incidents when he got kidnapped come in front of his eyes.. and when Khushi almost fell down. He shouts Khushi.. and then he realizes a truck is coming to his car. On the other side, Khushi gets worried and shouts Arnav ji.. Arnav ji. Arnav tries to get his car out of the way and he succeeds but his car hit to a tree. Khushi is shouting Arnav ji.. Arnav ji.. Nk stops her. She says, I am telling you something happened to Arnav.

Nk requests her to stop it. Khushi now sees all smoke going off and she runs there saying, noo.

Arnav is pretty much unconscious now after his car hitting to a tree. Blood is coming out from his head. He says, “maaa” and then his eyes get closed.

Break 1..

Khushi comes near fire and all smoke has gone completely now. She cannot believe it. She is broken now. Nani says, my daughter and goes to her and hugs her. Nani tells her not to lose hopes.. Arnav will definitely come. Khushi gets up and starts walking.

Break 2..

Garima comes down on her knees and says, where are you going my daughter, Khushi? Khushi turns back and says, amma (mother). She is going to her and suddenly Arnav is there holding her saaree.

Everyone is shocked seeing him there. Nani asks him how he got hurt. Khushi says, I knew you had an accident. She tries to touch him but Arnav goes back. Nk asks Arnav, where were you? Arnav says, I was searching for answers. He says to Khushi, when I fell in love with you.. I didn’t know our past was connected.

He continues, I didn’t know my past, from which I was running, would come out like this on my marriage day. I am here today just because of you where there is only pain, betrayals, hate and nothing else.

Episode ends.

No Precap!!
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