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“The way to God is through ourselves”, says Khushi


Hello friends, I would like to dedicate this piece to all those people who find it difficult to believe in God. No offense, I respect your choice, but sometimes belief in a higher power gives us hope and motivates us to move through the ups and downs in life smoothly.

What made me write this piece? Well, I am a strong believer of God . One morning, Arnavji’s friend, Rajiv, visited our house. After my daily morning puja, when I was giving out prasad to the other family members, I put my hand forward to give prasad to Rajiv. I was little taken aback when he refused to take the prasad. He reasoned that he doesn’t believe in God so he can’t accept the prasad. At first, his response shocked me but then it’s his choice and no one can be forced to believe in something they don’t want to. In short, it’s the personal choice of an individual.

For me, there is a higher power that exists beyond our thinking. A power that controls and balances this universe, in fact the one who created this beautiful universe and all the creatures. All around the world, there are various names for God and he is worshiped in different ways and traditions. It’s really amazing but one should never forget that it’s us, human beings, who have given God different names and divided the world on the basis of religion and castes.

Rajiv argued with me asking have I ever seen God. Without even seeing him, how can you just believe that God exists? I answered, no I have not seen god but still believe that he exists. I have faith in him as whenever I have been in trouble or faced a difficulty, I believe God has looked after me and given me the power to hold on and be strong. And that alone is reason enough for me to believe that some invisible power is looking upon me and taking care of me and the people around me.

So have immense faith in something that will definitely help you move forward in life. Do let me what you think about my blog and my views.
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