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Moment of the Day: Mat Jao :)

Wasn’t this really a moment to cherish….A moment that said nothing yet said it all???

Khushi had come to meet Arnav, but his present state after all that had happened, after his Di had asked for the one thing that he refused to let her have did not allow Khushi to say what she had come to say…Knowing the man she loved, Khushi decided to leave thinking maybe that’s what Arnav wanted at the moment….The moment Khushi turns to leave he stops her…. he holds her by the wrist and makes her sit on the couch and asks what it was she had come to say?

When Khushi saw that he was looking for an answer, she said  "Hum keh rahe the ki, hum Ghar Jaa Rahe Hai”……”Math Jao” His response was instant. It was no order, it was no command and it was not something either Khushi or the Viewers expected…. Coming from Arnav Singh Raizada the words “Math Jao” had almost sounded like in desperation….Arnav knew that his sister had suffered a huge Loss, but what she had asked of him had shook him up to the core, and as much as determined he was not to let that happen, he had no idea of what to do…….It was his sheer love, need and belief that if she would be there beside him…. that made Arnav utter those words…He wanted her to be with him, he felt stronger when she was around, and that’s what made him say so without a tinge of hesitation.

Khushi starts to tell him that she couldn’t when he completes it for her and tells her that he understood her limitations, but seeing him in Pain seeing him so weak and trying to put things back to normal, she says "Lekin Ek Minute ke liye Bait toh Sakte Hai” and that was all he wanted, all that was needed…..A small flicker of smile formed on his lips seeing the love, care and understanding the woman in front of him had for him…..Khushi rests her head on Arnav’s shoulders while he pulls her into the comfort of a small hug….and they stay like that, perhaps hoping that the pain, the grief would fade away.

It was truly one hell of a moment…It was deep, it was intense and it was Magical...

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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