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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 366] 17th October 2012 Written Update


*ASR is not our Arnav but the kid Khushi had met at the tailors. Thought I'd clarify this before we start.*

The episode starts with Khushi walking in a daze towards the car. She sits in and remembers the kid ASR from the tailors shop. Arnav asks her what is wrong to which she says that she met his smaller version who spoke exactly like him and has the same name too but is smaller in size. Arnav doesn't get what she is saying. Khushi then says she met this little kid who was very mean and even told her that this suit is very old fashioned. Arnav in his own world looking at the suit says that it is old fashioned and then corrects himself and says that he likes it a lot.

Everyone is sitting watching the TV when Arnav walks down the staircase wearing the new suit that Khushi got for him. NK asks him why he is wearing such an expensive suit for vegetable shopping. Arnav tells him that it's him and Khushi going for shopping whereas Arnav is going for work. Khushi gets very excited thinking about going to buy fresh vegetables. NK and Khushi are about to walk out when they hear a lady on the news say that there have been very frequent kidnappings of children in the markets. Nani then starts saying that there has been a higher rate of crime in India than ever before. Mami chimes in and says that the police always get late to the event when they are called. Khushi tells them then that it is not true and that police tends to stop a lot of crime but the public doesn't find out about that because Policemen remain quiet about it. Khushi further says that India is better than all the other countries because every nation has good and bad side by side. She then starts naming all the heros of India and tells their work. NK says that such great heroes aren't found anymore to which Khushi says that she is a proud Indian Citizen to which Arnav mumbles something in regards to Khushi being very patriotic. Khushi asks what he said and he replies that she had to buy vegetables. Khushi then tells NK to stop talking and they need to leave. NK gets scaared and says that there are terrorists outside and he can't go out. Anjali tells him that there is Khushi with him and she refers to Khushi as the "gabroo jawaan." Khushi nods and smiles widely and the two walk away.

Khushi and NK are in the open market where NK is really scared looking around and behind him a man is staring at Khushi and him. Khushi on the other hand is busy buying vegetables. NK suddenly starts yelling when the guy comes towards him. Khushi tells him to calm down and drink some lemonade. NK says that he'll put the vegetables bag in the car and be back. Khushi starts conversing with the vegetable guy and tells him that NK is her devar who is here from Sydney but she doesn't know how to tell him not to be scared of random people. Khushi is telling the vegetable guy about how the kidnappings are happening lately and she sees a kid being kidnapped. She starts screaming about "kidnap! kidnap!" but nobody moves forward. She runs towards the two goons and tells them to let the kid out, the kid comes out from the other door and hides behind Khushi. The goons start telling Khushi to let the kid go otherwise she'll be in trouble too. Khushi says that if they have the courage, they should try touching the kid. Khushi starts moving backwards and the goons are moving towards her. She picks up a vegetable and starts hitting the goons. Then she sees that the kid is none other than the tailor's ASR. He yells at her to run. The two run and sit in the car. Khushi starts driving the car and takes it on the main road with NK wondering what Khushi is doing. He calls Khushi and she is about to pick the phone up but ASR stops her and she gives the phone to him, she swerves the car and ASR throws the phone out by mistake. NK on the other hand calls Arnav and tells him that Khushi sat in someone elses car and took it away. The vegetable guy starts telling the story to NK who relays it to Arnav. Arnav then asks whether Khushi was driving the car to which NK says yes. Arnav gets nervous and NK asks why is he so nervous to which Arnav says that he isn't sure if Khushi can drive. Arnav tells NK to go home and not tell anyone what happened and he'll find Khushi.

Khushi and ASR are in the car and he keeps yelling at Khushi to not look behind whereas Arnav is following them and honking the horn to tell Khushi to stop the car. Arnav is in the car and he is getting angry and mumbles to himself whether Khushi will ever stop interfering in another people's matters. 

Khushi finally stops the car and ASR tells her that it's on the wrong side, Khushi turns to him and tells him that is very ill-mannered and that he should be thanking her. ASR tells her that she had wanted to kill him whereas the goons would have only asked for a ransom. Khushi looks behind again and she sees that it's Arnav. She gets out of the car and goes towards him whereas ASR's mother comes towards her too. The kid's name is Arrav. Arnav on the other hand is pretty mad at Khushi for interfering. The mother of ASR comes towards Khushi and accuses her of kidnapping her child. Arnav then comes from behind and says that she had only been trying to save her child's life and at least she should listen to Khushi once before accusing her. The mother turns and BAAAMM the two know each other. Music is played and the episode ends on Arnav's surprised face. 



Credit: Saraa
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18 October 2012 at 11:02

i was very disappointed with episode on 18th October. the whole episode was recorded with doubles playing arnav and khushi. when arnav was saying dialogues, there was khushi's double and when khushi was acting, there was arnav's double.The chemistry between them was not there. it was very awkward and annoying and i might stop watching this show if this is the director's point of view.

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