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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 367] 18th October 2012 Written Update


The new lady shouting at Khushi thinking she tried to kidnap her son, Arnav intervenes and tries to explain, both look at each other and recognise each other, Arnav seems happy seeing the woman, and Khushi asks if Arnav knows her, Arnav states he used to be in college with Sheetal, Sheetal seemed shocked to know Arnav is married, Khushi explains that she was saving her son. Sheetal apologises but Khushi says it is okay. Arnav wants to catch up but Sheetal seems a bit dismissive, Khushi informs Arnav that his suit was exchanged with Arav. Anrav hassmall talk with the child and Arav enquires if Khushi is always like this, Arnav laughes and Arav says she is sweet. Sheetal leaves and Khushi states how nice it is to meet friends after a long time, Arnav drags Khushi to the car and asks if he is faking it, Arnav asks why she always meddles in other people's matters and they have a small argument on this matter. She tries to explain that she was trying to save the kid, Arnav has a go at her that whenever she tries to help anyone it all goes wrong.

NK looks apprehensive and is glad when he sees Arnav and Khushi, he states that he is so happy to them, Anjali enquires he only saw them a while ago, NK tries to cover his statement. Mami states it seems love fever is in the air, Arnav explains Khushi wanted to have ice cream. Mami then teases Arnav. Anjali asks if he is okay, he tells him to go and make it up to Khushi.

Khushi is putting clothes away and Arnav tries talking to her but she ignores him. He sits down and asks for a file, but she answers that from now on she will not help anyone and will only think of herself, Arnav thinks he might have said too much.

Khushi in the kitchen making Jalebi and Payal and Anjali wonder what the matter is, Anajli asks what they should make, something nice for Arnav. She replies that it doesn't matter and there is no point in helping people as its not appreciated. Arnav comes in and asks Khushi about his clothes and Khushi says she doesn't know and from now on she wont keep an eye on any of his things. She bites a hit jalebi and scolds herself, Arnav gives her water and she tells him not to touch her, he states that what she will do and has her hand in a hold, she tells him to let her go but he doesn't. He tells her that when he holds her and stares at her she looses herself, Khushi denies it and he challenges her, she looks at him cross eyed and tells him to let her go.

Khushi threatens to call everyone but falters. Arnav tells her the list has ended what else will she do, she states that she will feed Anrav Jalebis and is able to get out of his hold.

Khushi watering the plants and Arnav comes and states so now she wont let him touch, she starts singing and threatening Arnav not to come close to her. As Khushi is walking Arnav grabs onto her pallu and takes it, Khushi wants it back, she covers her face with it, and she demands to be let go and he replies that he is her husband and can do anything.

Arnav puts Khushi in the car and drives off she is protesting but he doesn't listen. He threatens if she tries to open the blindfold he will bind her arms. Khushi asks if he is kidnapping her, he tells her to be quiet. There is a officer and she complains to the officer about Arnav, Officer tells Arnav that they can go and he doesn't want to get in between husband wife fight.

Arnav has taken Khushi to the secret garden. Arnav wants to speak to Khushi but she doesn't want to listen. He states what if he forces to make her listen and there is no one around. Khushi states if he does she wont speak to him, he challenges her that she cant keep quiet for more then 5 minutes. She accepts the challenge.

Khushi looses and states that she cant keep quiet and she states that it seems like there is no one else in the world but her. Arnav holds her and quiets her. He puts his head down in front of her, she tells him he doesn't need to do that, and he states that can because its her and she deserves it. He tells her she is mad, Khushi asks if that's why he is doing it, he explains there is no one like her and her selfless behaviour, he knows she is so much better then her and special. They have a rabba ve moment and he bows to her again, she stops him and shakes her head and hugs him, she tells him its strange he said all this and she didn't reply and tells him that he shouldn't say filmy dialogue its doesn't suit him. Arnav apologises for his behaviour but Khushi lets it go, she promises she will not go that easily and will be with him. Arnav tells her to call the police next time and they hug.



Credit: Illyria
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18 October 2012 at 13:39

i was very disappointed with episode on 18th October. the whole episode was recorded with doubles playing arnav and khushi. when arnav was saying dialogues, there was khushi's double and when khushi was acting, there was arnav's double.The chemistry between them was not there. it was very awkward and annoying that the real actor or actress is not there. How can a director do this, you can see hands and head of a different person. I might stop watching this show with these cheap shots.

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