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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 375] 30th October 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Khushi rushing out of the teachers room. She says to herself, I had to make tea for all the teachers.. God knows what more I will have to do. She decides that she will find out Aarav’s father name today for sure.

Khushi then takes a mop in her hand.. and goes inside an office pretending as she is cleaning the floor. Someone is in the office there, Khushi tells him principal called you for tea. Guy gets excited and leaves from there. Khushi starts checking all the files as soon as he leaves. Some other teachers come in there now and Khushi hides. They play hide and seek and finally other teachers leave and Khushi is alone there once again. She continues checking the files and finally finds file which says, New Admission 2012 file. She finds Aarav’s form as well, but water has dropped on Aarav’s admission form and Khushi can’t read anything properly. Principal is shouting whose inside and in that Khushi drops her mustache.. she is about fall from the table, but Aarav comes inside the office and sees Khushi and saves her. Principal comes in now as well asking who is there. Khushi hides and Aarav puts Khushi’s mustache in his pocket. Aarav says, there was cat here. Principal tells Aarav, but you were supposed to be in class at this time. Aarav says, he wanted to pee. Principal leaves.

Khushi got impressed the way Aarav made excuses. She comes out now. Aarav asks her, what are you doing here? Khushi says, I came to see how you’re doing on first day. Aarav asks, in peon’s dress? and in head’s office? Looking at you, it seems like if you’re going to some fancy dress competition. Khushi says, exactly.. there is fancy dress competition in my area.. so I came here to see how I look in peon’s dress. Aarav says, whatever.. and tells Khushi, if anyone sees you like this then dont say you’re with me. He returns her mustache and leaves.

Khushi is disappointed as after trying so much.. all she found was wet paper. She comes home and says to herself, maybe Arnav was right.. I will have to remove this doubt from my mind.. at least until I don’t get DNA reports in my hand.

Aarav is looking at his drawings which got 2/10 and is disappointed. Sheetal comes there to cheer him up. She says, if you don’t come then I will have to play alone. Aarav gets excited knowing they will play basketball. Aarav asks Sheetal, you will let me win right? Arnav comes there now. Sheetal says, it’s hard because it’s impossible to beat me in basketball. Arnav says, really, then who was that who lost in college? Aarav gets up and tells Arnav, my mum can never lose. Sheetal asks Aarav to leave from there. But Aarav keeps asking her, you weren’t losing right? Sheetal tells him, I used to lose some times. Arnav laughs and says, Sheetal you used to lose everytime. Sheetal says, fine.. whatever you say.. and she leaves from there with Aarav. Khushi was listening all this and she gets excited.

She now throws a basketball to Arnav. Arnav asks, what is this? Khushi says, I know you’re very upset with me. Arnav asks, you throw basketball to whoever is upset with you? He says, I am not upset anymore.. Khushi says, I still want to make you happy. You love basketball right? so I have planned basketball game. Whole family is ready and comes out. Arnav tells Khushi, you didn’t have to do all this.

Sheetal is giving tips to Aarav and Nk gets impressed. Arnav says, giving tips and playing is different. Arnav and Sheetal argue that they never used to lose. Sheetal says to him, you were coming with boys team and was still used to lose. Arnav says, you were winning because I was letting you win. Khushi is getting nervous seeing them. Nk asks them to stop fighting and prove themselves by playing. Khushi says in her mind, I did all this to make Arnav happy and what’s all this happening? Sheetal says, I don’t need to prove myself. Arnav says, sure.. becuase of no practice you might have forgotten how to play. Aarav request Sheetal to play and prove that she’s champion. Sheetal agrees. Khushi says, I will also play.. but Arnav tells her no saying she will get hurt. Khushi hits herself on her head and says, why you had to bright basket ball.. you could just make halwa.

Break 1..

They are on the ground now. Arnav, Aarav, and Aakash are in boys team. Nk is referee. Nk is waiting for girls team. Khushi comes first with band on her head. Everyone is staring on Khushi’s side. She wonders, why everyone is staring.. is she looking that good. But shortly her happiness disappear as Sheetal comes out and it turns out that everyone is staring at Sheetal. Sheetal takes off her jacket and Nk nearly falls down on the ground. Khushi cannnot stop herself either and looks at Sheetal. 3rd person in girls team is Manorama mami. Rest Raizada family members are there to cheer.

Arnav says, are you guys kidding me? do you even know how to play basketball? Khushi asks him, are you scared? Arnav says, lets play. Nk tells rules to everyone.. that no one can run with ball.. they must pass. They are not allowed to hit anyone or hold anyone. He points at Sheetal and says, if you follow rules then you can win.

Break 2..

Aarav and Arnav high-fives. Sheetal-Khushi high-fives and they are ready to go. But before they begin.. Sheetal and Arnav argue once again that they will win. Arnav tells Sheetal, Ramu used to play better than you. Khushi steps up and asks Arnav, who was ramu? Arnav says, our old servant.

Nk tosses the ball up and game begins. Arnav makes the first points up for boys. Boys are dominating at the first. Aakash scores now.

Ball now comes to Khushi and she kicks the ball. Nk whistles and says it’s foul. Arnav says, you can’t kick the ball. Khushi asks, why not? Once I get the ball.. I can do whatever I want. Aakash says, this is basketball.. you can’t kick the ball. Khushi says, even God forgives for your fist mistake.. I deserve one more chance. Nk says, okay Khushi ji.. last chance. But from now if anyone makes foul then they will be disqualified.

Game resumes. Arnav has the ball in his hand and Sheetal is trying to steal it from him. Khushi doesn’t like what she is seeing.

Episode ends.


Aarav and Sheetal high-fives. Aarav hugs Arnav. Khushi is sitting alone at a distance and looking at them. She seems to be upset.
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