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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 358] 5th October 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Shyam thinking about what’s been happening with him recently and he’s upset. Anjali comes there and gives him medicine. She asks him to rest and leaves from there leaving medicine bottle on table there. Shyam goes somewhere and in the mean time, Khushi comes there and changes the medicine bottle.

Shyam comes back and sees the bottle. He remembers how he had changed Anjali’s medicine before. He goes, this medicine? and he starts shouting, Rani saheba.. rani saheba. He comes downstairs where everyone is sitting. Anjali asks him, why are you shouting? Shyam says, what else would I do? How can you give me such medicine? At least check which medicine you’re giving me. Anjali says, I gave you headache’s medicine. Shyam says, do you want me to get sick purposely? I have having more headache after taking that medicine.. I am getting dizzy.. I need to go to doctor now. read full updates with pictures only at . Anjali tries to explain him that she gave headache’s medicine, but Shyam doesn’t want to listen anything. Shyam asks Anjali to call doctor. Arnav gets angry but Khushi calms him down before he does anything. Manorama tells Shyam, but you look absolutely fine. Shyam says, I am not fine at all because Anjali gave me wrong medicine. He then takes Anjali to their room to show that she gave wrong medicine. Everyone else follows them as well. In the room, Shyam shows medicine bottle and says to Anjali, you gave me this medicine of aborting child and saying it was headache’s medicine? Everyone is shocked. Shyam says, I don’t even know what effect this will have.. and then he realizes what he just said and he shuts himself up.

Nani asks, but from where did medicine of aborting child come here? Anjali asks Shyam, what are you saying? This is not that medicine.. it’s headache’s medicine which I gave it to you. She asks Shyam to check himself, and it is really headache’s medicine. On the side, Nk shows to Khushi that he has other medicine bottle. Shyam says to Anjali, but I never took this medicine. Anjali says, no I myself gave you this medicine… what has happened to you? sometimes pieces of glasses.. sometimes medicine of aborting child? Shyam says, I think I need some rest. Everyone is leaving now but then suddenly Nani asks Shyam, how do you know so much about medicine of aborting child? Shyam doesn’t answer and he says to Anjali, I think I am not feeling well. Anjali says to him, you rest. Everyone leaves from there now. Arnav is still there and he looks at Shyam-Anjali and then finally leaves.

While everyone coming downstairs, Manorama says, don’t know what’s happened to everyone in this house. Nani says, seems like someone doesn’t want our happiness. Khushi says Nani not worry.. everything will be fine. Nani and Manorama leave. Nk and khushi are alone now. Khusni thanks Nk for helping her. Nk asks Khushi, if a guy takes medicine of aborting child, then what will happen to him? Khushi says, at max.. he will get dizzy and he won’t feel good. Khushi says, but fear is a big thing.. and I expected this behaviour from Shyam. And now if he doesn’t pay for his mistakes, then who would?

Everyone is in the living room now. Arnav is going to a meeting. Khushi stops him and asks him, can’t you cancel the meeting for today? Nani asks Khushi, you don’t him to go? Khushi says, actually it’s a special today and I want Arnav to be with me today. Manorama asks, what’s so special today? Arnav also asks Khushi. Khushi says, actually on this day.. I and Arnav went outside for the first time. Nk asks Arnav, what special thing happened that day that Khushi started liking you so much? Arnav seems confused. Khushi says, that day Arnav ordered all my favorite dishes.. and then in evening when he came to drop me.. he gave me a beautiful saaree in a gift. Nk says, saaree and Nannav? No one else can believe it either. Khushi says, even I couldn’t believe Arnav himself bought saaree from me. She holds his shoulder and says… he seems ‘khadus’ (boring person) from outside but from inside, he is a very nice person. He’s not like how he looks.

Manorama asks Khushi, so do you want more saarees? Nk says, no no it’s time for a party. Khushi says, there will be party for sure tomorrow for Di and Shyam’s anniversary, but for today I want (looking at Arnav) you to stay home. Anjali gets up and says to Arnav, now today you will have to stay at home only. She then tells Arnav, before you take Khushi out.. give two minutes.. I want Khushi to select saaree for me. Arnav tells Anjali, you go .. Khushi will be there shortly. Arnav then takes Khushi on a side.

He asks Khushi, what is this? Why are you not letting me go to the office? Khushi says, tomorrow we have to bring Shyam’s truth to everyone and expose him. If you go to the office today, then who will help me in all the preparations? Arnav looks tensed. Khushi says him not to worry.. everything will be fine. Anjali asks Arnav, if you are done talking then can I take Khushi ji with me for some time? She then takes Khushi with her.

Khushi is on the phone with Nk and asks him if he arranged everything. She then says, I am really feeling very bad for Anjali and then she hangs up.

Khushi now comes to her room and she sees all her favorite dishes on a table there which she mentioned outside while ago. Arnav says to her, all this is for you. Khushi is very happy and cannot believe it. She asks Arnav, you did all this for me? Arnav says, all these are your favorite dishes right? and then he gives her a sweet. Khushi seems very emotional. Arnav tells her, there is no need to get this much emotional.. I made 2-3 phone calls and everything got arranged. He then says, one thing took time. He brings a gift box and says, it took an hour to get this.. I hope you like it. Khushi opens the box and it’s a saaree. Khushi asks him, you brought this saaree for me? It’s very beautiful.

Arnav says to her, I know you’re very tensed because of Shyam and specially after what we planned to do tomorrow. I just wanted to cheer you up. Khushi hugs him and says, and you succeeded in that.

Break 1..

Anjali and other family members are preparing for the party tomorrow. Anjali shows a muffler to everyone and asks how is this? Arnav and Khushi come there now. Anjali says, Shyam has done so much for me.. and there can’t be any better day than our anniversary day to gift him this hand-made muffler. She is very excited and asks everyone how is this. Arnav goes away from there. Khushi follows him.

Looking at Anjali, Arnav says.. I had heard that love is blind, but this MUCH? I didn’t know that. When Di will find the truth tomorrow, then what will happen? He asks Khushi, if they have to reveal truth tomorrow to her? It’s her anniversary. He says, look.. Di seems so happy. I can’t do this. Khushi says, I understand.. but truth has to come out one day. Arnav says, but why tomorrow? Khushi says, tomorrow because there can’t be any better day than tomorrow. We have to expose Shyam in front of everyone.. he’s very dangerous and we shouldn’t delay.

Break 2..

Khushi says, I know Di will hurt a lot.. but whole family is there to take care of her. That pain is better than spending entire life with that man. We will have to do it and that too tomorrow.. before Shyam starts doubting and he starts playing some new game. Arnav says, last time when Di found out truth.. she couldn’t take it.. and this time if anything happens to her, then..

Khushi says, nothing will happen to Di. I know you will let nothing happen to her. Everything is ready and this is the only chance to make Shyam say truth by himself and why he did all this with Anjali and her child. Khushi says, all bad things have an end and this bad thing has to end now… faster it ends.. better it will be for all of us. Arnav says, it will happen.. Shyam will be exposed tomorrow in front of everyone. I will expose him.

Episode ends..


Shyam is sleeping. His phone rings and he wakes up. Before he picks up the phone.. it disconnects. He then sees some lighting decoration in his room. He touches the lights and gets an electrical current.
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