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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 361] 10th October 2012 Written Update


The show begins with Shyam shouting and telling he is bad. I killed my own princess. I used my own princess for money, fame and everything. He goes to Arnav and says I had planned your murder but unfortunately you escaped. Thats how evil I am. I can kill anyone to get money this property. Everyone is shocked to hear. Shyam goes on laughing.

Anjali breaks mangalsutra that Shyam had given and thrown on ground she is about to faint but Khushi handles her he seems to have got shock. She is still her eyes still. Shyam sees the peieces of mangal sutra and suddenly he realizes what he had done in jest. Khushi tells sorry but we had to do all these to make Shyam reveal all the thruth as you wont believe other people words. Shyam begins his innocent act once again. He says Rani Saheba this is all Arnav/Khushi’s plan who made me speak words which i had not done.

Anjali slowly gets up and walk. Akash tries to stop her but she walks on. Shyam goes on following Anjali and says its all Khushi’s trap. She brought me back, she has bad intentions. Anjali is just walking. Khushi runs and holds Anjali and tells He is lying. What is shown is the truth. Shyam goes on how can i kill my own Rajkumari. Anjali looks Shyam’s face. Flashback of Shyam’s antics. Anjali slaps on Shyam’s face. Everyone is shocked. Akash happy.

Anjali says you have fooled me so much all i wanted was love, but all you wanted was money. Everyone was against you but I supported you. You are worst kind of people that i know of. I hate you just get lost from my sight. Anrav acts he comes up catches Shyam’s collar and throws him to police who were standing at doorstep. Police says NK has told everything to us. From here we will take care and takes Shyam. Shyam shouts leaves me. Arnav comes back and hugs Anjali. Anjali cries and hugs him. Everyone is happy.

Anjali enters into her room remembers all the lies of Shyam’s how he showed her love, love for coming child, how he used to risk his life hiding and coming into house. She just cries finally she shouts No.

Arnav runs towards her room. Anjali takes out all Shyam’s clothes and things belong to him i.e. photos.. etc and puts it into suitcase she even takes off her engagement ring and puts it into it. Nani tries to stop but Aranv says let her do that. She brings petrol and pours over the suitcase and strikes matchstick and set the suitcase on first.

Khushi, Nani shocked to see the suitcase burning and Anjali still.


Arnav ask is everything ok to Anjali. Anjali tells Arnav/Khushi to forget everything related with that person.

Credit: ideaEr
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