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Simple Tips to make a Relationship Meaningful and Unique!


Just to impress and make it up to Arnavji I wore western clothes for the first time. Though he was not impressed but he surely forgave my kiddish behaviour of being inattentive towards his thought of spending quality time with me. This incident has made me realize that one can make a relationship fulfilling, meaningful and exciting through some simple principles.

My relationship with Arnavji has been a roller coaster ride even since we got married. It was not an easy task to sit upright on the rough and quick twists and turns that came our way. And I am sure it’s not just us; every relationship at some point or the other has to go through emotions of excitement, horror and not the least stomach upsets. Thanks to my past experiences, let me assure you that it’s normal. So here are few tips, I have understood, to keep yourself happy and excited when in a relationship.

1) Unconditional love: Whenever you plan, do or buy something for your partner, do not expect something in return. Whatever you do for your partner, you do to make them happy. There's no point reminding them about what you did and they did not. It will just make those moments fade for your partner. Unconditional love is pure and that’s what keeps two people together for the rest of their lives.

2) Face every setback together: Arnavji and I have experienced many setbacks but we have successfully overcome them together. It’s really important to see through difficulty hand in hand. Re-bouncing despite the tough situations only makes a relationship stronger. When you look back it gives you the strength to face other problems in the future together.

3) Appreciate your partner: For instance, Arnavji wanted to spend quality time with me but due to my childlike behaviour, we ended up watching the movie with the entire family. So to make up to him, I wore western clothes and went in front of his clients. At first Arnavji was really upset but after seeing my efforts, he changed his mind. He appreciated my efforts and I just loved him for that. Being appreciative can sometimes make all the difference.

4) Communication: Last but not the least, it’s really important for a couple to communicate and not be fearful of conflicts. Some couples raise their voice while talking and some talk it out quietly. The key for effective communication is keeping your cool and understanding your better half’s point of view as much as you'd want them to understand yours.

I hope you like my tips and use them to make your relationship happy and strong. Please share your opinions with me too.
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