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We have decided to collect proof against Shyamji - Khushi


Finally our wedding took place and I must say that I am relieved. But recently Arnavji and I found out that some video cameras were hidden in our room. This has upset us a lot and we have no doubt that Shyamji is behind all of this.

After Anjali di’s miscarriage, I genuinely thought that Shyamji was sorry for all that he had done. Anjali di’s health was deteriorating and she wanted Shyamji to be by her side. Hence I helped him in coming back to the Raizada house. But Arnavji refused to trust him and after our wedding, we found the hidden cameras in our room.

Our doubts were cleared when we checked Shyamji’s laptop and found the footage from our room and even from di’s godh barai. We are almost sure that Shyamji was responsible for di’s miscarriage. Arnavji is angry and does not want Shyamji to stay in the house anymore but I have told him that we first need to collect strong proof against Shyamji, only then we can get di to see his true colours.

Although I am very happy about Arnavji and my marriage, I am sad that di and the entire family will once again undergo pain due to Shyamji’s terrible ways. But now it is high time, that Shyamji’s truth comes out in the open and for this we need strong proof that he is behind all the misfortune our family has faced.

I only hope that di will accept the reality and face it strongly. Arnavji, I and the entire family will give her our full support to deal with everything. I know that Arnavji will take care of everything; I have full faith in him. We will make a plan to trap Shyamji and I hope that we succeed.
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