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Gupshup: The secret of Manorama’s colourful personality!


Keeping us in splits with her unique style and dialogues, who doesn't love the colourful Manorama? Our birdie too is all enamoured by her different shades.

Manorama has a unique style that has set a trend of her own. Her impressive English and trendy accessories have kept her fans glued to the screen. Our birdie decided to ask the lady in question herself the secret of her awesomeness. She flashes her beautiful smile and thanks her latka-jhatkas that she is born with for colouring her personality. She also gives credit to her in-laws whose North Indian roots have added spice to her leheza. 

Our birdie wondered how Manorama comes up with such unusual names like “khoon bhari taang” and “phati saadi”! She proudly says that in villages, people are quick to give a nick name  to others. For example, while gossiping under a peepal tree, if someone with an awkward gait is spotted, he or she would be named as kekda. So, for Manorama, it is no big deal to come up with bizarre names on the spot.

Time to probe her a little more. So what could be the three things she dislikes? And wonders of the wonder is that she abhors jalebis, down market people (read Payal) and phati saadi (Khushi no doubt). Anything she likes in Payal, nothing, nothing and nothing was her vehement retort. So it seems that our birdie has been lightly shaded in Manorama’s colours. The diktat laid out was that stay in tune with her, she may come up with any colour, anytime!

Keep watching this space for all the gupshup on your favourite STAR Plus characters.
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9 November 2012 at 11:20

Manorama mami is one of my favorite characters in the show! Her amazing English, her walk, her mast mast UP ki Hindi is totally fresh, endearing and addictive. I lived in Allahabad for many years and had forgotten this dialect. It was wonderfully nostalgic to hear it again and speak it myself too. Thank u for creating this very unique character and thank u Utkarsha Naik for portraying it so well! Very very very enjoyable!

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