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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 377] 1st November 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Khushi saying to herself, Sheetal was looking at these photos which means she still hasn’t forgotten her past. Aarav comes there now and asks her, what are you searching for? Khushi says, I was searching for you. They talk with each other and in that Aarav says, I don’t have any problem with Arnav. He is cool unlike other family members. Khushi then goes to her room where Arnav also says same thing that Aarav is very different and pretty cool. Arnav says, I am thinking to take Saturday off so I can spend more time with Aarav. Khushi is getting nervous and by mistakely she passes her clothes to Arnav. Arnav asks her, are you alright?

Everyone has gathered outside in the living room. Sheetal is checking Aarav’s school stuff and she tells him, do you know next week is parents day in your school. Aarav says, I know and I won’t go that day in school. Sheetal asks, why not? You’re new to this school so you have to go. Aarav says, fine I will go but only on one condition.. you will have to tell me whose my father. Whenever there is a parents day, everyone asks me there about my father. Sheetal says, I am your mother and I am your father. Aarav gets mad and shouts at Sheetal saying, you told me you will introduce me to my father when we come to Delhi, then where is he now? I knew you won’t tell me.. you all are bad people. He gets mad and starts throwing all stuff around. He leaves from there. Nani asks Sheetal, why don’t you tell him about his father? Sheetal says, it’s not in my control.. if I could then I would have told him long time ago.

Khushi goes to Aarav’s room where he’s playing loud music so he cannot hear her or anyone else’s voice. Khushi doesn’t care.. and she talks loudly with him. Aarav’s keep increasing volume. Khushi also raise her voice. In end Aarav gives up and turns off the music. Khushi is still screaming and saying, no matter what I won’t go until I talk with you. She now realizes he has turned off the music already and she shuts herself up. Aarav tells her, you don’t need to make me happy.. I am fine. And when my mum and dad, whom I have never met, don’t care about me, then why do you worry about me? Khushi says, worry about you? No No. I came to ask you for help. But if your mood is not good, then it’s okay. She is leaving and then she stops. She says, but I always thought that whether anyone else help me or not… you will always help me. But if your mood is not fine, then it’s okay. Aarav seems like he wants to help but he doesn’t say anything and Khushi leaves. He turns on music again.

Khushi is trying to plant some trees. Nani and Anjali wonder what she is trying to do. Aarav comes there and sees Khushi struggling. Nani and Anjali smile and leave from there. Khushi is not sure what to do. Aarav comes to her and says, move from here.. I will do it. Khushi says, no thanks. I know how to do. Aarav tells her, don’t say that again and move fast else plants will die. Aarav sits down beside her and teaches her how to plant trees properly. Khushi smiles and says in her mind, finally at least he got something to do by and is happy. Sheetal comes there now and tells Aarav, I brought colors for you. Aarav says to her, I don’t want it. I am fine. Khushi leaves from there.

Sheetal apologizes to Aarav. Aarav also apologizes to her. He says, but I am still angry at you. Sheetal kisses him on his forehead and says, you should understand that whatever I am doing is for your good. I don’t have answers to some of questions and it’s better if you don’t find out some stuff. Aarav says, mum please.. I just want to meet my dad once.. after that I won’t bother you. Sheetal says, promise? fine then.. I will introduce him to you. Aarav gets happy and asks where we will meet? Sheetal says, in a cafe. Aarav gets happy and thanks her.

Arnav is in office and he is just thinking about how Aarav was angry and was throwing stuff around. He cannot concentrate on his work and calls Khushi. He asks her, how is Aarav now. Khushi tells him he’s better now.

It’s evening now. Sheetal is standing alone and is very sad. Arnav and Khushi go to her. Sheetal apologizes to them for Aarav’s behaviour. Arnav says to her, if you don’t mind then can I tell you something? He says, I know there must be some reasons and that’s why you’re not telling him about his father, but it’s a big thing for someone with Aarav’s age not knowing about his father. Khushi also agrees with Arnav. Arnav says, we really feel if you tell Aarav about his father, then he will handle things in a better way. Khushi says, Aarav is understanding.. he will understand and now he has rights to know who is his father.. no matter who it is. Arnav also says, I am sure he will handle.

Break 1..

Sheetal says, when Aarav was young.. he wasn’t going to playground.. because everyone else’s dads were coming with them. So I set play area outside our home. I tried my best to be his mother and father as well…. but I failed.. I could never become his dad. And I know when Aarav finds out about his dad.. his problems will increase. Arnav says, I seriously feel that he will handle. Sheetal says, no I can’t tell about his father.. and my one decision will affect many people’s lives. I can’t spoil others lives for my happiness. Sheetal leaves from there.

It’s next day now. Everyone is in the living room. Aarav comes there with two shirts and seems very excited. He asks everyone which shirt should I wear? Everyone wonders what happened to him. Khushi tells him, wear the one you want. Aarav says, no please tell me na. Anjali tells him, wear the brown one. He says, good idea.. I was thinking for the same one.

Break 2..

Aarav now asks for Arnav and Aakash. Khushi tells him, they went to office. Nk asks him, why .. are you missing them? He says, kind of. He then tells Payal to make some nice food for him. Khushi gets shocked seeing his good behaviour. She goes to him and asks, tell me what’s going on in your mind? Aarav says, nothing. Khushi says, I don’t believe you. Aarav says, I am in good mood today because I am going somewhere. Khushi asks where? Before he says anything, Sheetal comes there with his school uniform and asks him to get ready. Aarav asks, why school uniform? Do you remember we have to go somewhere? Sheetal says, yes we will see that later but for now you get ready. Aarav is getting sad.. and says, you said we’re going to see dad. Khushi gets happy knowing that.

Episode ends.


Sheetal is on the phone with principal and tells her, I have sent money cheque with Aarav.. please collect it from him. She then says, what? Aarav didn’t come to school. Raizada family is shocked.
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