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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 382] 7th November 2012 Written Update


The episode begins with Sheetal asking Khushi whether she would agree to leave Arnav for the sake and happiness of Aarav, when Khushi doesn't say anything, Sheetal continues to say that it's better that Sheetal herself remains out of this and the truth isn't confessed out to Arnav because it would only raise more issues and problems. Khushi doesn't say anything and walks out. Nani stops her and asks where she is going to which Khushi says that she's going out for some important work, Nani tells her to come back soon. Khushi agrees and talks to Devi Mayya and says that she is leaving this all upon Her and whether this time, what she has wished for happens or not is upon her.

Aarav is shown waiting at his school near the entrance where the other students are walking in with their parents. Aarav just keeps looking at the kids and doesn't say anything to them. Three kids walk upto him and tease Aarav about not even knowing the name of his father therefore, how will he participate in the competition. Aarav remains quiet and looks sad. On the other hand, Sheetal is stuck in the traffic and wonders why she is getting all the red lights just when she needs to reach Aarav as soon as possible. Aarav is told by his teacher to sit down inside instead of standing outside. Aarav goes inside where the musical competition is announced. The fathers have to play along with their kids and it's a "Jugul Bandi" between different father-son duo. Aarav looks at the drum set but doesn't raise his hand when asked if he would like to participate. 3 other sets of father-son pairs walk up and that's when Khushi and Sheetal walk inside as well. Sheetal tries to get the attention of Aarav but he is busy looking in his book so doesn't pay any attention to her. Just then the announcer asks for the last time whether there is anyone who would like to take the drum set and Arnav comes in and says that he would like to take the stage too. Everyone looks at him, Khushi is excited whereas Aarav is confused. Arnav tells the announcer that his name is Arnav Singh Raizada and his partner would be Aarav. Aarav gets really happy and walks upto him and the two take the seat behind the drum set. Aarav first plays along with his other classmates. Khushi standing on the other end of the room wonders to herself why Arnav had to make a grand entry like Salman Khan when he doesn't know how to play any instrument. Sheetal just then tells her that Arnav was the most amazing drummer back in college. Khushi looks at her and then at Arnav. Arnav takes the stage then and starts playing. He first gets the father playing flute out, then the one playing guitar and finally the one behind the tabla out too. Aarav gets very excited when he's announced as the winner and calls Arnav "Dad" to which Arnav is shocked, whereas Khushi and Sheetal are looking like they are in pain. Aarav apologizes to which Arnav says that it's okay and they won! They do their unique handshake and then Arnav's phone rings. Khushi notices how Aarav doesn't want to leave Arnav's hand and holds it tighter. Khushi tells herself that she will have to tell Arnav soon that Aarav is his son because she doesn't like hiding this from him.

Back at the RM, Aarav is telling everyone very excitedly how Arnav came and he won. Nani turns to Sheetal and says that your SR has changed our SR and that maybe it's time that Khushi and Arnav start their own family. Arnav looks at Khushi who looks away and leaves the room. Mami says that it's the first time she has seen Khushi blushing. Arnav just looks on after Khushi.

Khushi is in the kitchen and Sheetal comes there. Sheetal tells Khushi that what she was doing was wrong and Khushi says that she is merely cutting onions and that's why the tears came to her eyes. Sheetal tells her that Aarav had called Arnav dad in excitement and it means nothing and shouldn't upset Khushi. She walks out and Khushi thinks back on Sheetal's words from earlier in the morning about Khushi not wanting to leave Arnav ever. Khushi decides to tell Arnav everything about Aarav being his son.

Khushi enters her room. There are candles everywhere and there is a rose and card on the bed. Khushi opens it and starts reading just when Arnav walks in and starts reading what he has written himself. He tells Khushi that she is the most important person in his life and that before Khushi, his life was nothing but it doesn't matter to him because he feels as if in the past 6 months he has lived his life to the max with Khushi. Arnav moves closer to Khushi and she moves away to which Arnav tells her that hadn't she heard what Nani had said downstairs that it's time they start planning their own family. Khushi holds onto Arnav's hand and says that there is one more important member in their family, Arnav asks who she is talking about. Khushi says that it's Aarav. Arnav looks at Khushi in anger, and gets up from the bed. He says that just because he had called Arnav dad once out of excitement does not mean that Aarav is his son and that she had forced him to be there. Khushi counter argues and tells him that it's not because of this one time, but that his own son had called him dad. Arnav looks at her in shock and says "What?!" Khushi then completes her sentence and says that Aarav is Arnav's biological son.

Episode ends.


Arnav and Khushi enter Sheetal's room. Arnav tells Sheetal that Khushi told him everything about Aarav and that he is Arnav's son. Sheetal has tears in her eyes and she says that Arnav should forget everything and that they had met by chance and she never intended on meeting Arnav. Sheetal further says that Aarav is only her son and no one elses.
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7 November 2012 at 16:46

This is all crazy and stupid to make arnav as aaravs father!!! Very stupid and disgusting, stop this track. Take sheetal and aarav out of this show. We cannot watch this show if there is no happiness in khushi and Arnav's love life. Please listen to the viewers and don't loose Arnav's dignity and character.

7 November 2012 at 23:24

i request all the fans of sarun to sign the above petition that may stop barun leaving the show...plz guys hurry takes few minutes...!!!!!!
thanq guys...plz sign in and show how much we love barun..!!!!!!!!!
plz make all fans aware of this...!!!!!!

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