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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 384] 9th November 2012 Written Update


The episode starts with Sheetal trying to walk but is limping and Khushi helps her. Everyone is in the living room. Arnav comes there just then and Nani asks where Aakash is to which Payal says that he is busy with the USA deal and is really tensed. Aakash comes and hugs Nani right away, he then announces that he has to leave for USA right away as they got the deal that he was working so hard on. Mami and Nani get emotional and Mami then says that Payal has to go with Aakash as he needs someone to look after Aakash and his father. Anjali gets up and sits with Aakash and says that whenever they miss him, they can always do a video conference. Arnav says that he will make sure that Aakash's work doesn't last very long. He then inquires about Aarav and sets off.

Aarav is watering the plants and Arnav sees this from afar and wonders how can there be soo many similarities. He goes towards Aarav and then kneels down. Aarav says that he will be gone from here in a few days. Arnav tells him to stay longer if he wants to. Aarav says that if he doesn't want him to stay then how can he, Arnav then thinks of Sheetal's words from back when Arnav had asked her to tell Aarav everything about his father to which Sheetal had said that she doesn't want to destroy everyone's happiness and asks Aarav how he knows about this. Aarav tells him that Sheetal had told him everything and why had Arnav left him outside the Baal Aashram? Arnav gets shocked at first and asks what is he talking about to which Aarav says that eventhough Arnav didn't want him, but Sheetal came and took him back home. Arnav apologizes again and again and hugs Aarav and tells him that now he will make everything fine.

Sheetal is shown annoyed on the phone, she tells the person on the other end that Aarav is fine and not to call again. Sheetal hangs up and tells herself that these Aashram people are now annoying her a lot. On the other hand, Arnav tells Aarav to not tell Sheetal anything about what they have just spoken about because they'll surprise her later on. Aarav promises him and they do their unique hi-five/hand shake.

Everyone is in the living room, and Aakash announces that their flight is the following day early morning. Arnav comes there holding Aarav's hand and says that since Aakash and Payal are leaving for a couple of months, they should hold a party the same night. Everyone agrees and Khushi thinks to herself that what is up with Arnav today because he is planning a party all by himself?! Sheetal then says that Aarav and her won't be here tonight as they have to leave to which Arnav says that he has planned a lot of things with Aarav and they can't leave before that. Sheetal smirks to herself. Arnav then tells NK to take care of the preparations while Arnav goes for a meeting. He is about to leave when he turns again and says that he has a surprise for everyone. Anjali asks what it is to which Arnav says that if he tells everyone what the surprise is then it won't be a surprise.Khushi then starts wondering what is wrong with Arnav and he looks so happy. She then wonders that he is probably bringing the mother of his son in this house as well as the son, she starts biting her nails and Payal gets emotional saying that she will miss this "pagalpan" of Khushi the most. The two sisters hug. Sheetal starts limping again and Arnav helps her leaving Khushi amused in the living room.

In Sheetal's room, Arnav says sorry to Sheetal for not being around when he was needed the most. Sheetal tells him that it's not his fault and that he hadn't know to which Arnav says that he needs just this one day and he will make sure everything is fine. He walks out leaving Sheetal in the room alone. Sheetal walks towards the window and tells herself that this is exactly what she had wanted all along, for Arnav to pay for something he had never done. She then laughs and applauds for herself.

Arnav is walking down the stairs smiling to himself when Khushi wonders again what is up with Arnav and why is he smiling to himself today? Khushi asks Arnav why he is smiling to which Arnav says that Sheetal had cracked a joke and he was thinking about it. He walks away and tells Khushi that she should tend to the needs of Aarav and Sheetal and to tell HP to make the food of their choice. Khushi agrees.

Khushi is stressed out about the Arnav-Sheetal-Aarav situation so she starts making jalebi's. Bua and Garima walk in the RM and Bua asks Garima whether she can smell jalebis. They go towards the kitchen and Bua asks Khushi why she is making jalebis and whether something is wrong. Khushi gets happy to see them and hugs the two. Payal comes there as well and hugs her aunt and mother. NK then comes there too and says that they all need to help him decorate instead of standing around.

Everyone is in the living room where NK is asking Anjali how to decorate the house. Bua sees Sheetal sitting there too and asks Khushi why she is there to which Khushi says that it was a need and she can't tell her to leave now. Aarav is playing with a basketball and suddenly hurts his leg. Khushi gets up right away to tend to him whereas Sheetal comments that Aarav is a big boy and can take care of himself. Everyone is sorta surprised to see that Sheetal is being so casual about her son being hurt. Khushi walks away with Aarav telling him that she will apply turmeric paste on his wound so that it closes up soon. Sheetal talks to herself and says that it's good that Khushi is already taking care of Aarav because once Sheetal gets the money, then she'll walk away rich and leave Aarav here.

Mami and Payal are sitting in the living room and it's almost night. Mami tells Payal to take care of Aakash and gets emotional so she walks away leaving Payal alone in the living room. Payal drops a box and Arnav picks it up for her, and keeps his phone on the table nearby. Sheetal is standing on the staircase watching the exchange between Payal and Arnav. Arnav tells Payal to take care and that he will take care of Khushi. The two walk separate ways. Sheetal comes down the staircase and Arnav's phone rings and Sheetal is about to call out for Arnav but sees that the caller ID says "Dr Saxena" on it. She wonders why Arnav is getting a call from Aarav's diabetes doctor right now, she is about to answer when Arnav takes the phone from her and tells her that he was on the phone with his doctor who said that his sugar levels are well under control. Sheetal smiles and Arnav walks away. Arnav stops and thinks to himself that in a few hours, he will bring the true side of Sheetal out in front of the entire Raizada family. The episode ends on his determined face.



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