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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 386] 13th November 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Aakash asking everyone, do you want to do real farewell or no? Aakash and Payal meet everyone one last time. Manorama and everyone else have tears in their eyes. Aakash tells Khushi always to be happy like this and take care of Arnav. Arnav tells Aakash, I will really miss you. Aakash says, now you have got thisi small Aarav.. it will be fine. Nk also gets emotional, but still he tries to cheer everyone up. Anjali then gives Aakash a raksha-dhaga saying it will protect him. Aakash and Payal leave.

Khushi asking that diya should be put everywhere. NK talking to someone about looking at flowers. Nani queries if the sweet food have arrived and NK informs that Arnav is looking after that.

Nani wants to order more, and NK asks for chocolate and Mami asks for Cham Cham, Khushi can make the Jalebi’s so no need to order it. Khushi asks if Arav likes sweet food, he replies he doesn’t like he likes it very much, Khushi replies they are the same. Arav asks questions about what is happening, and Khushi informs that its Diwali and this is what happens, Anjali and Khushi wonder what to give the pandit, Arnav asks where Arav is and suddenly Khushi cant find him saying he might be in his room.

Arav is by the poolside making cards and Arnav is impressed, Arav says that he makes them in the Ashram and people come to buy them, Arnav asks what else he did, Arav informs how people used to come to donate stuff. Arav informs that this is his first diwali in someone’s house and Arnav corrects that its their house.

Khushi is cleaning and Aranv questions why she is doing it again, Khushi says that was a while ago and Godess Lakshmi may not come if their house is dirty. Arnav is thinking about Arav and what he said, Khushi stating that it will take time for him to adjust and for him not to worry she will make it memorable for him. Arnav states no fireworks as its not good and dangerous, diwali is about lights and not about masti and fireworks. Khushi complains that he is making Arav like him and he doesn’t like anything.

Nani is telling the story of Ram and Sita. How diwali celebrates his return and becoming a king. Khushi is making ladoo and Arav wants to have one, but she tells him its for the Godess Lakshmi, Arav gets angry shouting what is the point in making Ladoo if you are not able to eat them. Khushi tries to sternly explain but then Arav breaks a vase. Khushi disciplines him that this is not acceptable, Arav walks away. Khushi tries to explain that Arav doesn’t know how to act.

Arnav questions Khushi about what happened downstairs and that if someone wanted the ladoo then what is the issue, Khushi tries to explain that it was for Prasad but it falls on deaf ears. Khushi explains that Arav needs to understand about right and wrong. Arnav asks if when she was little she had ladoo from the taali and Khushi replies yes and then stops and says to forget it all those are all long ago. Khushi thinks that Arav should apologise and Arnav thinks that he needs to placate Arav. As Arnav leaves Khushi thinking that both father and son will driver her crazy.

Khushi making rangoli and thinking this is her first diwali after being married and Aranv is still arguing just like before, this will never change. Mami steps on the rangoli and makes an excuse, Khushi thinking this is a bad day. Arnav comes to help and Khushi asks what he is doing, he states they are making new rituals, he puts rangoli on her nose. They have a staring match and rabba ve in the background, he wishes her happy diwali and kisses her on the cheek. Arnav accidently messes the rangoli and makes an excuse and leaves.

Mami and NK have a promotion talk about cricket starting on TV.

Nani and Anjali ask Aarav to forget everything now and ask him to smile. Aarav is still angry. Nk now tries to make him smile. He tells Aarav, this angry face doesn’t suit on you and says to him, you can watch football match with me in my room. Aarav says, thanks but no thanks.. I don’t want to watch match. Now Manorama tries to cheer him up, but Aarav is still angry.

It’s Laxmi poojan time.. Manorama takes Aarav with him. Whole Raizada family does Laxmi Poojan together. Aarav, Arnav, and Khushi does aarti together and episode ends.


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