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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Is the Magic Fading?


The new track in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon has been generating mixed responses from the viewers. When one one side viewers/fans feel that the track is doing well, the other lot is disappointed and frustrated that the show is losing its charm and if this chain of events continue IPKKND- the Star Crossed love story that was once promised to the audience will be impossible to recognize..

So where exactly seems to lie the problem?

The various forums, blogging site and for that matter even FB are flooded with discussions and debates where the issue of major concern seems to be the way things are getting implemented and executed in Starplus’s most loved and most popular show. For a show who master’s at executing a particular track what comes across these days is sure surprising and unengaging.

When one is not entirely against or upset about the whole Sheetal-Aarav track because of its potentiality to generate some excellent drama, great suspense and extract amazing performances from a talented bunch of artists, its the execution or to be more precise the comic treatment given to an Issues as substantial, serious and powerful as “PATERNITY” that is not going down well with the masses.


There was once a “Kidnapping Track” incorporated in the show which did not see much of Arnav, because Barun was on leave shooting for his first Bollywood venture. It was Khushi aka Sanaya Irani who shouldered that entire phase. It was a serious issue/track and the CV’s did a great job with it, audience loved the way the entire thing was played out in the track and between the lovers -ArShi. Today when Khushi is disturbed by something as serious and huge as “Paternity” why turning the show into a laughing riot?

What defines Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

What’s the shows USP? You dont have to think twice before answering that its Arnav and Khushi and its always been them. Then where are they today? Where is the Khushi and Arnav that the viewers love to see??



Khushi is a Nauntanki, she is lovingly called “Sankadevi” and that is her USP that is what makes her Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. But there is a certain amount of dignity one associates with the character called “Khushi” which once stood out, which is now slowly fading away. Khushi has her doubts its fair after all she is a normal human being and with such unbelievable similarity between Arnav and Aranv, plus the remarks she gets to hear everyday on the resemblance between the two from her family is forcing her to think if her Arnav is actually Aarav’s father. Can you blame her? Of course not but, but, but there is a fine line of difference between having doubts and trying to establish it by hook or crook which is what has taken over Khushi.

And it also looks like a major trait of Khushi’s Character is chucked out of the window which in this case is “The trust and faith she has in her loved ones.” Its surprising that this is the same Khushi who stood by her mother (Read: Garima) when everybody was busy pointing fingers at the latter, and accused her of wrecking Arnav and Anjali’s parents marriage and their lives. Khushi did not even know what actually happened but that did not make her think twice before speaking up for her mother. Here too she has no clue as to what must have happened between Sheetal and Arnav who are college-mates.. Kuch hua bhi hai ki nahi woh bhi nahi patha, but even after Arnav has opened upto her, after telling her time and again that he and Sheetal just dated a couple of times, Khushi cannot bring herself to terms with it which is something that stands out from the charcater of Khushi.



For a person who sensed her every uneasiness, who saw her tears even before it welled up in her eyes, for a person who looked at his soul mate and could say that something was bothering her, troubling her Arnav seems to have take a detour. He was visibly disturbed that Khushi had done a DNA test to match the DNA’s of Arnav and Aarav, which is perfectly fine on his part because he was shocked to find out that Khushi actually thought that Aarav was his son and her doubts were so high that she did a DNA Test without their consent. So they have established Khushi’s doubts and Arnav knowing about it, still we don’t see Arnav take any measure to put her at ease. Even during the much talked about Hate-Contract Marriage phase when he was hell bent on punishing her for a mistake he thought she had done, he never hesitated to ask her if she was fine when she sensed that she was not and today its as if he is alienated from Khushi.

And Finally Coming To Arshi as a Jodi:


ArShi - Who happens to be one of the most beautiful and powerful Jodi’s in TV-Pur. Looking at them today makes you ask “Is this the same ArShi we know?” “Is the the same ArShi we saw in the Telepathy Track?” They were miles apart from each other and yet they conveyed their message, what lay in their heart beautifully. It was sheer Magic on screen. Khushi did not have the need to hear his voice to know that he was calling her, she felt it…..that was another beautiful moment the CV’s gave us during the Arnav’s Voice Shutdown Track. Arnav too did not have the need to hear her voice over phone to know that she was bitterly crying and he tried to make her stop. This was what defined ArShi ….These are their true essence, the magic we associate with Arnav-Khushi which seems to have been ignored by the CV’s and Writers time and again. The lead characters have no connection whatsoever these days. They are together but still are not together.

Why did Arnav not see Khushi who was sitting outside the Basketball Court all sad and depressed? Where is the Soul-to-Soul connection?


Why does Khushi even have a day-dream of Arnav throwing Khushi out ? Why is there not even the slightest amount of trust?


They have taken a potentially good track, given the right-treatment it should be highly entertaining and engaging. But are we ready for any such tracks with the wrong treatment at the cost of ArShi, at the cost of this wonderful journey called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Guess not..

Rabba Ve.. Ab Iss Kahani Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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2 November 2012 at 06:17

You are absolutely right, there is no passion, no chemistry and no love between the newly weds. This story line is disgusting too. No moral, no ethics, and no dignity. They could create some other track. Make khushi pregnant or something. They were so madly in love and now all of a sudden everything is vanished after the marriage. No honeymoon, no arshi moments..... The show is losing its charm day by day and I've stopped watching the show.

2 November 2012 at 12:19

ya its true the show is loosing its charm der is no romance day by day d show is becoming bore . we hope writers will change d story soon

7 November 2012 at 10:50

Very well captured Ms Vijitha Rajan! You have taken what all fans are feeling and beautifully put it into words. Your analysis is bang on! And it's true - the amazing bond btw Arshi is what this show is all about. And post-marriage, post-shyam they are like miles apart. No connection at all btw them. And Khushi's lack of trust in ASR is so disturbing. For 2 people who went thru so much to be together, it's weird. Hopefully the IPK team will take notice and make the necessary changes. In today's episode, there was a spark of the old magic tho - when ASR speaks in the candlelit room. A little of the old intensity shimmered for a few moments.

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