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Moment of the Day - 05th November 2012


Our moment of the day today comes from Starplus star-crossed love story Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. For the past few days the show was going downhill, something was not exactly right and viewers were highly effected by the happenings shown because the show did not cater to the IPK Brand, but now it does look like the dark clouds have shifted or are shifting because the silver lining is slowly becoming visible. Well lets hope that things will get more bigger and better.

Coming back to the moment of the day it was the one between Arnav and Khushi.. Though one would have wanted Khushi to be more giving and Arnav less distanced. The moment without doubt was a treat to sore eyes, because it was one that came after what looked like an ERA making it all the more special.

So Khushi is disturbed about Sheetal keeping mum about her husband and Aarav’s Dad, her mind is preoccupied with thoughts and discussions of the resemblances between Aarav and Arnav Aarav and much more. To add to the confusions and suspicion Khushi witnesses Sheetal breaking her fast using the former’s Taal and understands that Sheetal had kept vrat for Arnav. She was already disturbed and this adds to her dilemma.

Arnav tells Khushi he wants to give her something and takes her away from the dining hall. Khushi is engrossed in her thoughts when Arnav asks Khushi to get ready as he had planned to take her out for dinner.Had it been some other circumstance Khushi would have readily agreed to it, but she knew that her recent learning’s would affect her, she would not be able to enjoy with Arnav and then Arnav would come up with questions etc because of which she tells him that she was tired and wasn’t in the mood to go have dinner. Arnav tells her that he does not want to hear any excuses, typical ASR style and tries to reason with her, tells Khushi that he wanted to do this for her, because it was her day.. she had fasted the entire day for him.. But Khushi who is highly upset about the whole Sheetal thing tries to make Arnav understand that she was really not in that place to get uplifted once she saw her favorite food and that they go to dinner another day.. Well it does leave Arnav quite unhappy but he decides to not push her and adheres to Khushi’s wish.

He is upset and it shows when he answers her vaguely when she asked where to keep his files. Khushi comes across an envelop addressed to her and finds out that it contains legal documents of KKGSR Catering Business (That’s loop closure for KKGSR Dabba Service track) Arnav tells her that he had thought of gifting it to her at the Restaurant to make it more special, when it hits Khushi that she had actually upset him. He wanted to do something for her and Khushi in her state of mind, with the zillion questions about Sheetal and Aarav and their connection to Arnav floating around she had become the reason for making Arnav upset.

She catches hold of her ears like she always does, and says “Sorry”, she tries to bring a smile to his face and succeeds.. Khushi asks Arnav why he did this now? What was the need for something like this? Arnav being the practical man he is tells her that she need not depend on anybody for money and if something happens.. Khushi does not actually allow Arnav to complete the sentence but its kinda understood ki why she hit him, because today was the day she kept vrat for his long life, for his well being and he was busy saying just the opposite and finally the two make up.

The moment after a long time showed glimpses of the ArShi viewers longed to see.. The ArShi flavor was quite there.. His practicality, her innocence, their undying love for each other inshort the scene had it all.

Truly our moment of the day and worth all the wait.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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