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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd August 2012 Written Update

Khushi is looking around for someone but upon being asked by Nani, she doesn't answer. She vows that she will try to find Anjali herself failing which she'll inform everyone.
Khushi thinks Anjali won't go to the temple now either. She contemplates telling Arnav but doesn't have the phone so decides to carry out the search operation on her own.
Arnav is wondering where Khushi is. He calls her up but HP gives him Khushi's phone. Arnav gets livid thinking Khushi might have run away from home again.
Khushi spots Anjali talking to some invisible person. She calls out for her and worriedly tells her she's glad she found her. She questions her about being here and Anjali makes an excuse. Khushi takes Anjali home but looks back wondering who Anjali was talking to. There is no one.
Khushi sighs in relief that no one got to know but wonders what happened to Anjali. Arnav scolds her for not being here and asks her to come to the bedroom. Khushi follows him inside. Khushi trips a bit and ArHi have a small argument. Khushi tells Arnav that Anjali was happy that Arnav wore a kurta and stayed for pooja but Arnav insists that it was his jewelry set and in the whole debate Khushi spills out that this whole thing was her idea.
Khushi turns away but Arnav stops her and asks her to look at him. He tells her that he has been wearing the kurta for so much time because he knows it was her idea, despite the fact that he is feeling uncomfortable in it. He kisses her forehead and says he did all this only to see this smile on her face. He switches on the light and shows her all the gifts she had packed, she is shocked. She thinks Arnav will make her work again and Arnav asks her to open them all. She unwraps the packages to find all her favourite things, whether chickpeas or a poster of Salman Khan or jalebis or golgappe. She is superhappy. But then she opens a packet which has a pearl necklace and gets upset. It is the same one Arnav had given her once before (I don't recollect this. Maybe it was in the 5 weeks I was away?Confused). Arnav comes to her and wipes her tears and hugs her. She hugs him back (Aww, they both are cryingUnhappy).
Next morning, Khushi wakes up and finds Arnav sitting on the couch. He is smiling at her and she also gives him a small smile but it doesn't reach her eyes. Nevertheless, it's a rabba ve momentTongue She suddenly feels a little strange to have him staring at her like this. She gets up and Arnav comes close to her enjoying her discomfitureTongue But, someone knocks on the doorAngry It's NaniTongue She seems slightly panicky and asks Arnav to come with her. Arnav looks back at Khushi and says they're not done yet and follows NaniTongue Once Arnav leaves, Khushi admits she'd felt breathlessTongue
Nani is visibly tensed when Arnav comes to her. Nani tells him that she got a call from the Ashram and some Subadra Didi wasn't there. Arnav is furious since she has been missing for 2 days and the management hasn't done anything. Nani feels they should've never left her there after all that happened. Arnav tells her not to worry, they will find her. They decide not to tell Anjali.
Akash is getting ready when Manorma comes. He asks about Arnav and they also talk about how he had tried to get Subadra Devi back. It is revealed that she is Arnav's dadi. Manorma doesn't seem to approve of her much. Payal tells Payal about breakfast and Payal asks Manorma if someone's coming and Manorma is afraid this might be true. Payal asks Akash if anything's wrong since everyone seems upset and Arnav and Nani left in a hurry. Akash doesn't tell her anything though.
Anjali is missing her thaal when Khushi gets it. She says she had come to give this to her yesterday in her room. Anjali thanks her and Khushi also gives her red roses. Anjali accepts them graciously. Khushi wants to apologise to Anjali for the past few days but Anjali doesn't wish to talk about her past anymore and ruin her present and future. She has seen her Chhote change a lot because of all this and wants to start afresh. She also tells Khushi that she knows that she was behind Arnav wearing the kurta and thanks her wholeheartedly. As Anjali goes, Khushi looks at Devi Maiyya and is happy.

An elderly woman is making her way into Shantivan.

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