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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 04th July 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Manorama telling truth to everyone that Arnav was kidnapped and never went to Scotland. Everyone is shocked, Anjali asks Arnav whether it’s true or not. Arnav says Yes but he’s fine. Khushi also says he did get kidnapped. Arnav’s bro says how is this possible and is upset because Manorama didn’t tell the truth even after knowing. Arnav says leave it.. it’s big story. Manorama says she wanted to say but everytime Khushi stopped her. Manoram says she was even helping Khushi in finding Arnav but then she found out some truth which changed everything.

Arnav’s bro asks who kidnapped him and how they couldn’t find anything about that. He says how is this possible that only Khushi knew about it and no one else. Arnav says it’s because kidnappers didn’t want anyone else to find out about this.

Manorama asks why they kidnapped him in first place. They didn’t even ask for money. Khushi says they never wanted money, their intentions were some other. Payal asks Khushi what are you saying and why Khushi didnt tell anyone. Khushi says she didn’t say because it could risk Arnav’s life.

Anjali is confused and says she is not understanding anything. She again asks Arnav what they wanted from him. Khushi interrupts and says they wanted to kill Arnav. Anjali hugs Arnav.

Break 1....

Manorama asks Khushi if she knows this much then who were the kidnappes.. why they wanted to kill Arnav. Khushi holds Anjali’s hands and says that she will get hurt from the truth but she can’t hide truth anymore.. she has to tell the truth and the truth is….. but Manoram interrupts and asks Arnav who were they. Khushi answers and says that person is right here, in this room, in front of everyone.

Turns to Shyam and says correct Shyami ji? Anjali is shocked and staring at Khushi.

Shyam says what are you saying Khushi ji? Khushi says today nothing can save you. She will tell everyone everything about Shyam. Who is he from where he is but Anjali stops Khushi and says what are you saying Khushi ji? How can you say such about her husband.

Manorama also asks Khushi what are you saying? Shyam comes in front and says to Khushi how can she blame him and say such things about him. Khushi says all this was planned by Shyam. He says why he would do all that. Anjali says to Khushi that she must have misunderstood . Khushi says she is saying the truth. But Anjali doesn’t want to believe it.

Nani ji also says she can’t believe this and Shyam cant do this. Khushi says to trust her. Manorama says she was also helping her and she didnt find anything against Shyam. Khushi says she has proof, Shyam planned everything in this home. Then Khushi asks Manorama if she remembers those guys that they saw on tape who took Arnav away. Manorama says she remembers but no one looked like Shyam then how can Khushi be so sure. Shyam also says why he would do all this?

Khushi says to Shyam, ‘because you wanted all this property and thats why you made me to take Arnav’s signature on those papers’.

Shyam says all this is rubbish. Khushi then says he forced her to take Arnav’s signature on those papers. Shyam says if it’s like that then show us those papers. Khushi says she doesn’t have them as Shyam stole them and that too on same day when Arnav was leaving for London and then he kidnapped him.

Shyam says Khushi has lost her mind and says to Anjali look what all she saying without thinking anything. Anjali then requests Khushi to stop. Khushi says she knows very well what she is saying. And how shyam made Arnav to call when they were about to call police, how he sent gifts from Arnav and all.

Shyam asks for proof and Khushi says she has proof and she says the blood that was on his shoes was Arnav’s and asks Anjali if she remembers when Khushi asked her about Arnav’s blood group. She asked because she wanted to know whether it’s Arnav’s blood or know. And as expected it indeed was Arnav’s blood.

Shyam says when he’s saying he never met Arnav then how can Arnav’s blood be on his shoes. Shyam says he is a lawyer and he has to go police station , hospital etc.. everyday and his shoes might have got blood from there. And says to Khushi how she dare to go in their room and search for his stuff without their permission.

Khushi says Anjali not to trust Shyam. Shyam again asks for proof. Khushi says she had proof in her phone but Shyam took it away. Khushi says she can still prove it’s shyam behind all this and says Shyam has Arnav’s passport and she heard him talking with travel agency. Shyam says Khushi has gone mad and crossed all her limits. How she dare to touch all his stuff. For God sake stop blaming him without any proofs.

NK comes there and gets happy seeing Arnav. He says thank god both reached home safely. Then he gets emotional and hugs Arnav and says he’s so happy that arnav is fine. He says he is proud of Khushi. Khushi asks NK to tell everyone truth.

Khushi says NK is with her since he came and helped her in finding Arnav and asks to tell everyone it’s Shyam behind all this.

Break 2....

NK is quiet. Khushi again asks to tell everyone and NK finally tells everyone that Khushi is right. Shyam is behind everything. Shyam says with Khushi, NK has also lost his brain. NK says to Shyam, ‘you are lying. we know what we are saying.’ and requests him not to accuse Khushi. He doesn’t know how much Khushi has tolerated because of him. He says even Shyam knows Khushi is right. Shyam says NK only knows what Khushi told him. NK says no, he knows and have seen more than that. He says, he seen Shyam talking with travel agency that he wants stamp of Scotland immigration so everyone thinks Arnav is in scotland.

Shyam asks from where he listened all this. NK says ‘right behind you, in your room’.
Episode ends..


Shyam tells to NK how can he think everyone will trust him without any proof and then asks Arnav if he saw him ever while he was kidnapped. Shyam says Khushi is just lying but from behind, Payal says Khushi is not lying.
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