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An Actor Par Excellence: Abhaas Mehta


Ardent, Hardcore fans of the IPKKND will understand what I mean when I say that “He has been the one character who holds the other characters in place, holds their reins”…..He may be the Villain but if you notice closely you will realize that he has been the character who decides the course of the story. He is none other than Shyaam Manohar Jha a character essayed flawlessly by the very talented Abhaas Mehta.

This is how the dictionary defines a Villain/Bad Guy: “A cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime. When coming to the Films/Soaps or Fictional Work as such also known as the “Antagonist”, he /she is that character who tends to have a negative effect on other characters.

Today Abhaas Mehta’s portrayal of Shyaam Manohar Jha has literally re-defined this very definition of Villian/Bad Guy/Antagonist. He has raised the bar for every actor doing a negative role probably himself too. Will there be anyone who could give this guy a tough competition…To outshine Abhaas? I guess the answer is a “NO”. Abhaas has broken all conventional concepts, every preconceived notion of villainy.

There is no doubt that Abhaas is a wonderfully talented actor and has played the role of Shyaam to the “T”. Right from the moment the directors of IPK said “GO” Abhaas has been a delight to watch. His evil smirk, signature facial twitch, the blue Salman Khan style bracelet and the BG score “Daiyya Ho” has been Shyaam’s USP’S. There is no boundary to his meanness and there is not the slightest bit of humanity in him which makes him Pure Evil.

Shyaam’s every antics be that of lusting over Khushi, hurting an already paralyzed Sashi Babu more or the very recent Killing his own unborn child at the cost of Anjali’s life simply leaves your disgusted. The moment he comes on screen you want to kill him, torture him to death. The character is so popular amongst the masses that people just “Love to Hate Him” and only an actor who lives his character onscreen can successfully trigger/ invoke such emotions in the viewers/audience.

Today right from the start of the episode where he hears the wailing of a baby and tries desperately to shut it off by closing his ears, to him trying to keep it steady infront of Anjali when she asks hin what happened, his horror stricken face on seeing the videos played and expressions that tells you that his mind was racing, working at jet-speed to hatch a new plan was delivered flawlessly. But it’s his evil side coming out in the open right from the horse’s mouth that stole the show, and took villainy to a completely another level.

He closes his eyes for a sec, and the instant he opens it you know that there is no compassion, no regret, no fear in them…..It was clouded by nothing but Evilness. The thunderous laughter (Reminds one of his practice seq for Anjali’s Death he was sure of during the Payash Wedding Seq) that spoke volumes of how much he prided at doing what he did best- Strategizing, Manipulating and Harming others for his personal benefit.

Shyaam’s every expression, his body language, the histrionics with his hands everything was top notch and Abhaas was simply superlative. He literally managed to crawl into the skin of Shyaam Manohar Jha and showcase a Villain we have never seen before. Looks like Mr. Mehta is setting his own league, and we wouldn’t be surprised he does so. Eevrytime Abhaas comes on screen he has managed to outshine himself and this truly makes him an actor par excellence.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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