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Episode Analysis and Symbolism - 10th October 2012


A very dear friend of mine said to me a few days before that “A GOOD DIRECTOR, MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE”, I cannot help but agree. The clarity in emotions, the sharpness in execution, an organized feel, a familiar rhythm a good pace everything is shown in the right amount as and when needed. Though viewers are in shock after seeing the fast paced episodes there is no denying the fact that the charm and intensity of the old IPK is back….

IPK has been doing great since the last few weeks and the last two episodes have been totally mind-blowing, so what better then analyzing today’s episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

The response we got for An Actor Par Excellence- Abhaas Mehta was overwhelming, and thus it can be concluded that Shyaam aka Abhaas was indeed the show-stealer yesterday, but today the tables have turned and it was Daljeet who stole the limelight with her performance today.

From her stunned to dead expressions, to her silent tears…Anjali today will remind you of the Anjali we were used to seeing in the earlier episodes of the show. She was never a dumb woman, she was not that sharp but could see things…but then came a time/ a phase when chose to blind herself with the whole Shyaam Fiasco and today she resolved to let go off that blindfold.

The first things she does on realizing that the man who she trusted with decorating her world with his love, care and affection was indeed the one who was destroying it is she releases herself from the bondage of the relationship that binds them, she breaks of her Mangalsutra. This is the same Anjali who once went all upset when her Mangalsutra was about to fall off (The one where Khushi catches it) it was such a small thing, but it was of huge deal for her back then but today she does not remove it, she breaks it off….Symbolizes her breaking all ties with the Man who promised her a life filled with happiness and togetherness but failed to deliver either.

Shyaam’s character is sure gonna be missed, because he provided the necessary masala to the story…..But even before leaving the way they maintained his character was Top Class…..He sees the broken Mangalsutra, a broken Anjali and tries to mend up the damage, somewhere he knew that he was fighting a lost battle, but did not hesitate to continue with it ….”PURE EVIL” as I said. He accuses Arnav and Khushi of making him drink something which is why he was talking rubbish, and when he saw that it wasn’t working he once again dares to defame Khushi……Damn the audacity!!!! But totally as expected from someone like Shyaam.

The whole family looked expectantly, because whatever would happen in the coming few mins would alter Anjali’slife and no matter whatever her decision was she is always going to be the one who would face the maximum damage….But the “SLAP” did the trick and the dialogues were like cherry on the cake she admitted to have gone against her family because she trusted him, she tells him that the man has no place in her life anymore, and that it was her kid alone who died and he was the killer. She gives it right on his face and thus completes the picture. The transition from Anjali Manohar Jha to Anjali Singh Raizada was something nobody had expected and thus it was a treat to the eyes.

Have I mentioned that Arnav shares a beautiful relationship with his Di??? Arnav comes running to Anjali after Shyaam is handed over to the police because he knew that his di would want him the most and likewise the moment he reaches her she turns to hug him and breaks down. He does not console her and pamper her with words; instead he lets her cry, cry to her heart’s content.

Anjali’s shriek was something I expected, it’s when Shyaam’s buttered words, all the fake love he has expressed gets too unbearable that Anjali shrieks, it’s something like a defense mechanism, scream out loud so that nothing reflects on your ears…She wanted to do nothing with Shyaam and the first things she did was get his thoughts, his words out of her head.=…. she tried and when that did not help she decided to take another route.

Anjali has always been treated as the porcelain doll, nothing was ever told to her, she was kept out of serious stuffs fearing that it would hurt her break her down. The Raizada’s including Arnav and Nani are responsible for Anjali being a weakling, but today when Anjali was trying to burn Shyaam’s belongings, Arnav does not stop her instead he tells that it was needed, that Anjali had to do it…..It was hurting him, and everybody present there but on Arnav’s persistence they let Anjali do what was needed.

Anjali’s burning of Shyaam’s belongings Symbolizes that she wants to do nothing, have no relationship with Shyaam. Out of the 5 elements only Fire has the property of not getting maligned, fire destroys everything but does not get destroyed or maligned, instead it burns more fiercely….And today Anjali burning Shyaam’s belongings was her way of cleaning her life, her heart, her mind of Shyaam.

Overall it was an amazing episode with the right amount of Drama and an episode where everybody had something or the other to contribute….Well scripted and still wonderfully executed….The show stealer hands downs Daljeet Bhanot aka Anjali Singh Raizada.And that’s a wrap.

So is this the beginning of a new chapter?

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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