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Episode Analysis and Symbolism - 15th October 2012


The episode starts from where it was left last friday that is with Anjali and Mami telling Khushi that Arnav does not like celebrating his birthday. So why does Mr. Khadoos Singh Raizada not want to celebrate his birthday? Was it because its something he has practiced since his parents death? To stay away from all happiness and celebration….To live a life of solitude and gloom has always been something what ASR practiced till date but as we know change is inevitable…If there is something in the world that’s constant that is “CHANGE” and here someone was changing. Why???

Khushi as always the positive, full of life chose to believe that things have changed, the ASR everybody is talking about is not the same but she is in for a surprise when Arnav himself calls Khushi and tells her not to do anything special for his birthday….No amount of arguments work and ASR puts his foot down saying that his birthday was just like any normal day and so he wanted no celebration or anything of sorts.

Likewise the entire Raizada decide to behave like it wasany normal day, they decided to abide by Arnav’s wishes and this leaves our Laad Governor a bit confused which progresses into irritation and then frustration. He was so very sure that Khushi was up to something but nothing like he expected happens. Nani, Maamiji, NK, Akash everybody behaves more than normal and cool with Arnav which leaves Mr. Khadoos irked.

What Khushi was doing was to get Mr. ASR on track. And if i am not mistaken then she wanted to let him know that it was not always about him. Agreed it was his birthday and he did not wish to celebrate it, but then when the entire family had respected his decision for the past so many years was it not his duty to let them be just this one time? He knew Khushi wanted to celebrate his birthday, he probably even knew that his sister and the rest of the family too wanted to celebrate his birthday today and for years now still he said “NO” ….. Somewhere he was being selfish, for the sake of his family, his wife he could have agreed to it, but no he didn’t, and if we know Khushi i am hoping that this is what she is trying to tell him. And who better than Khushi, who always places her loved ones before her to make ASR realize this.

So Arnav Singh Raizada felt bad. Small things have started to matter to him…. and started affecting him. It was not just Khushi, but the entire Raizada’s not wishing him that saddened him. At a point he asks about it, yes we are talking about Aakash, but the latter very casually says that he clearly remembers its his birthday but since Big Bro does not like to be wished…he let it be.

Somewhere Khushi was being a bit rude. Yes she was being sarcastic because Arnav literally asked for it, but she could have wished him at least. Yes he did not want celebrations or surprises or gifts but what’s there in a Wish? Looks like we will have to wait until tomorrow for these answers.

The comedy, the lightheartedness is good, but when in a certain proportion. IPK is not a comedy show and we hope that they keep the drama element intact. After the Shyaam Fiasco showing something on a lighter note was much needed we hope that the makers/ Cv’s pull up their socks now and give us something more solid.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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