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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 364] 15th October 2012 Written Update


Anjali and Mami tell Khushi that Arnav doesn’t like celebrating his birthday and Khushi is sad. Anjali explains that if anyone does anything he will be upset and for Khushi not to do anything. NK states that is boring and Akash challenges him to sing Happy Birthday to Arnav and see what happens. He explains Arnav doesn’t like wishing or being full updates with pictures only at Khushi states that that is the old Arnav and things have changed since marriage, Khushi explains that she will celebrate his birthday and as his wife she wants to make is special . As Khushi leaves Anjali explains how Khushi might feel if Arnav shouts at her. Arnav comes and asks what he will be upset about.

Khushi is ordering food and Arnav comes to speak to her. She goes with Arnav and he tells her not to do anything for his birthday and leave it as it is. Khushi gets a call and Arnav enquires about it, but she brushes it off.

Akash explains that the last time someone wished Arnav he got very angry with them. Anjali explains to Khushi that Arnav doesn’t like celebrating.

Khushi is upset that he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. Khushi continues that if he is like then she is like this. Mami states she will get movies to watch rather then watching angry Arnav.

Khushi is ordering clothes and she is asked for measurement, Anjali is worried but she tells Anjali not to worry.

At night Arnav is on the laptop and Khushi tries to sneak out a suit, he calls her and enquires about taking his suit, he states that he knows what she wants to do with it, she explains that she wants to give it to the laundry and he replies that it is a new suit so there is no need. She replies if its cleaned then it wont get old. Khushi gets a call and enquires if she still not planning something, Khushi denies it and Arnav states that its good she isn’t, Khushi wonders how to take the measurement.

Khushi then gets all poetic and romantic with Arnav and Arnav questions what she is trying to do, she states that wants to say something but is shy to, she tells him to close his eyes and he is confused, she then fakes romance with him and gets his measurements, he goes to get is leg measurement and there is a awkward moment, she continues to fake and states that patience leads to fruitful outcomes and Arnav is damn confused and wonders what she will do tomorrow.

It’s the next morning and Arnav wakes up and Khushi wishes him a good morning. Khushi tells him to get ready for office and he is getting late. He is confused and sees Khushi getting a box and wonders if its his present, but its just bangles. He then asks khushi what the plan is, but Khushi states he is not a child and he even stated that he didn’t want to do anything, she tells him food is ready.

As Arnav comes down the stairs he gets a call from Aman, he thinks he has called to wish him, he answers Thanks to Aman but Aman answers what was the thanks for he only called about a meeting. He wonders if Aman forget his birthday. Everyone is formal on the table and he wonders if everyone forgot. Arnav asks what else there is for breakfast and Khushi states there is nothing else. NK leaves stating he is meeting friends for breakfast. Khushi gives Akash his tiffin, no one seems to wish Arnav birthday, he is thinking that with KHushi hear he thought something would happen but everyone seems to have forgetten. Anrav gets ready for office, khushi calls him stating he forgot his phone.

Akash and Arnav talk business in the office, he asks Akash if he has forgotten something, he explains that its his birthday, Akash replies he remembers but he even says his birthday is like any other day. Arnav wants to eat. Khushi arrives with a Dabba to eat with Anrav, Arnav tells Akash it will be a big meal with a note, Akash is about to leave but Khushi tells him to eat with them, but he declines. Khushi has brought simple food and Arnav asks whether this is all it. Khushi tells him to eat quickly as she doesn’t have much time and has shopping to do. Khushi is about to leave and states she forgot something, Arnav thinks she is about to wish him but gives him something for digestion?. Anrav seems angry that Khushi hasn’t wished him.
Arnav and Akash arrive home from work and everyone is watching a film. There is a knock on the door and there is a cake for him. Khushi goes to the guy and tells him that they cant accept the cake as Arnav doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday. Arnav asks what she just did, Khushi explains that he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday and leaves, he looks on.


Khushi explains that Arnav stated he doesn’t like celebrating, Arnav states he has heard this so many times since the morning, but at least as his wife she could have wished him, but she is stuck on that one statement, Khushi agrees that she is and sounds upsey.

Credit: Illyria
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