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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 370] 23rd October 2012 Written Update


Khushi is having a bad dream about what Arnav said and the similarities between Arav and Arnav. She is also recalling all the comments that the family made about the two, Khushi wakes up startled and starts pacing and stating its okay for Arnav to say it meant nothing, but she is not able to sleep properly now. She gets a tub of Channa and sits by the poolside and states that with the chota entry her life has turned upside down and asks for help from her devi maiyaa. Arnav wakes and sees she is not in bed and goes out and asks what the matter is and she is not making jalebis, she answers if she did the whole house would have woken up. He sits next to her and asks if she is wondering about Sheetal, he reiterates that Sheetal didn't mean anything. He tells her not to be like other wives, Khushi covers herself saying she was thinking about Bankilal.

Arnav questions who this Bankilal, she fakes it and tells Arnav of her past love and how he had a moustache and used to give her paan, Arnav is totally confused and imagines Khushi with this guy having paan. Khushi tries to state that it meant nothing to her, but it seems like it doesn't affect Arnav that she had someone in her life. Arnav kind of clocks on and then approaches Khushi and there is Rabba Ve moment between them, he goes to kiss her but Khushi imagines him trying the same with Sheetal and she slaps him telling him is he not emabarrassed, he tells her she is his wife and Khushi covers herself.

In the morning Khushi imagines Arnav and Sheetal together and shouts what is he doing and it seems Arnav is only fixing his collar, Khushi covers telling that that clothing does not look nice on him, Arnav explains all his clothes are the same so what does it matter.

Downstairs Anjali asks what the matter is, but Khushi covers herself, just then the door bell rings and its Sheetal, Khushi thinks she is imaging and tells Sheetal to go away thinking its her imagination, Nani then calls Sheetal in, Sheetal informs that she is here for the prescription, Nani invites her in but Sheetal is getting late, Arav is with her telling that to hurry up as he is hungry, Anjali states they must stay for breakfast, but Sheetal says no, Arnav to invites them and then Sheetal agrees. Arav states that he only wants Toast and Juice. Khushi goes to get the food. Khushi is shocked to see that both Arav and Anrav eat in the same manner. Arav states he doesn't want to go to the house as its dusty, Sheetal states that she cant leave him on his own, Nani invites Arav to stay there, Sheetal states Arav is only making excuses as his favourite team's match is on that he wants to watch. Arav states his favourite team is Brazil and seems like Arnav knows about the match, Arnav states he loves football. Khushi asks he never said, Arnav is glad he doesn't have meetings so he will stay at home and watch. Arav states that his mother thinks that football is pointless, Arav asks if he can watch and Arnav accepts.

Sheetal is apprehensive about leaving Arnav but everyone persuades Sheetal to let Arav stay. Khushi makes excuse about having a regular check up appointment so that she can spend some time with Sheetal.

At hospital Khushi reassures that Arav will be okay as he is probably like his father. Doctor states that Arav has diabetes, Sheetal states how is that possible, Khushi tries to reassure Sheetal. Doctor replies that it if father has it then there is a chance that the son will have it. Khushi wondering what she is thinking is right?


Khushi asking Sheetal to stay with them until they get their keys.
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